Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is this zone killy enough for ya?

Well, I have been pretty void of gaming, and of 40k in particular, for quite some time. I have played a few games of Warmachine/Hordes over the winter, but all in all things have been pretty silent one the wargaming front...until now.

You see, I was without a mission, but I have now fully succumb to a new cause: Killzone. This game is definitely more my style, with only a handful of miniatures on the table I can take as little or as long as I want on painting and converting. The game is perfect for someone like myself who loves to paint, but can't seem to stick to a project for any length of time. It also really captures my imagination with the look and visceral style of a terrain filled board. One of my favorite elements of 40k is having models run around on a board littered with terrain. For me nothing really can compare to the image of a city that has become a wazone.

I was inspired by a particular gentleman who's enthusiasm for the game has spilled off on to me, though he just doesn't know it yet. With my love of all things inquisitorial, this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to create a Deathwatch Kill team. In my excitement I thought it would be appropriate to show a few pictures of my progress. I created a few custom bases for my team, which totaled up to more time basing than I have ever spent before. I am not sure if the bases are quite bright enough to make the black armor really pop. All that is really completed are the bases a few shoulder pads, and I hope that once the black armor is highlighted the detail will appear like magic.

My team is composed of 7 members, all which use the Sternguard Veteran rules as a base.
Sergeant - Ultramarine
Medic - Blood Angel
Heavy Bolter - Space Wolf
Combi-Flamer - Salamander
Combi-Melta - Imperial Fist
Combi-Plasma - Dark Angel
Regular Veteran - Blood Raven

The chapter of the last marine was difficult to pick, Raven Guard would have been a black shoulder pad on black armor, and White Scars is so blah.


  1. Those bases definitely need a contrasting color. Right now, they looking like Boltgun with a dark wash. With a darker color scheme, you need a brighter base.

    You've got cables, pipes and lots of other bits on the bases. Paint a few of those in different colors. The Ravenguad model could easily have those pipes on his base painted with one red, and one blue. The metal trim on some of the bases could be a bronze color, or maybe a solid yellow. Bring a little color to the world, and it will help a lot.

    Highlight the metals used on the models and the bases, as well. metal, black wash, drybrush the original color is a technique that really doesn't help the Deathwatch color scheme.

    just my $0.02

  2. I completely agree, dark models need bright bases, and so far they just aren't quite bright enough to make the black models stand out. I am not the biggest fan of drybrushing on anything but bases and fur, so expect to see a ton of highlighting as they progress.


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