Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Burned out..

It just hit me. I think with all the Adepticon preparations, that hours spent painting and all the hype.. I'm slowly getting tired of playing 40k. I am sure that after Adepticon I won't be playing many Warhammer 40,000 games for a while.. At least a month or two.

All the rumors about the Grey Knights aren't helping either. I know that it doesn't sound right coming from a Space Wolves player, but almost all of the things that I've heard so far sound unfair. Hopefully points costs will be fair for the amount of stuff Grey Knights are getting... but come on, it's Games Workshop. The new codex will be either extremely broken underpriced or overpriced. I don't really care about what the new codex will have that is better than my Space Wolves. It's going to be tough, but in the end I know the Sons of Russ will be victorious.

It's the fact that Grey Knights basically make at least three armies completely obsolete: Chaos Daemons, Tyranids and Orkz. The fact that they have tons of weapons that ignore invulnerable saves, amazing anti-horde capabilities without sacrificing hand-to-hand superiority, the fact that they seem to be growing force weapons just like an Obliterator.. Preferred Enemy (Daemons). Their force weapons ignore Eternal Warrior on daemons and psykers.. Whatever. I'll just wait until their hype is over with, just like I did with Blood Angels and Dark Eldar.

Until then I'll be learning Warhammer Fantasy Battle with my Jungle Orcs! After Adepticon expect to see more coverage as I will be participating in a Tale of n Gamers - Empire Knights, Tomb Kings, Beastmen and my Orcs and Goblins. I'll be doing battle report videos and whatnot...


  1. Doesn't everyone take time out from the hobby at some point? I stopped playing/painting/hobbying altogether for about 2 years. Twice. Both times happened when I was in college and since I returned to the hobby I've moved from system to system to stop things getting stale.

    I play Blood Bowl (GW's best game btw), I'm taking up Malifaux and I dabble in Mordheim from time to time. It all helps to keep you sane.

    Warhammer is poo btw. 8th hasn't done it for me but that could be because everyone uses comp systems where I live so I can't run what I'd like to.

    I'm never one to say an army is broken til I face it and I'll say the same for GK. Wolves are well-placed to lock them down with a Rune Priest stopping half their powers. Score. They're also going to be small if they lack squishy henchmen units - they'll mangle GH 1 vs 1 but you'll have 2 units for everyone they have so its all good. 1 is bait, the other the finisher.

    They won't be to 40k what Daemons were to 7th ed Fantasy.

  2. I agree with you, Stormy. There is still hope, but as I said I just feel bad because GW seems to favor the Imperium waaaay more than the forces of Chaos. And all Warhammer gamers here are casual and fun to play with.. ;) We'll see.


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