Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gathering da Tribez!

Yesterday was supposed to be more of an assembly day for my Orcs and Goblins army, but instead a few of the regulars at the store decided to throw down and show me some of the nooks and crannies of Warhammer Fantasy. It was so much fun! It felt good to just Waaaagh around with my orcs, without the pressure of running an optimized, serious list. I was still playing for the win, even though my army is still in the process of crushing some 'eadz and gathering the tribes..

I was pretty much playing with what I had, plus-minus some extra orc bodies and a proxied Savage Orc Shaman..

Wartgrin Facemelta - 130 points
Level 2 Savage Orc Shaman with Ruby Ring of Ruin

Unnamed Savage Orc Boyz - 280 points
25 Savage Orc Boyz with 2x CCW, Big Stabba, Full Command

Unnamed Savage Orc Boyz - 235 points

20 Savage Orc Boyz with 2x CCW, Big Stabba, Full Command

Da Boared to Deff Boyz - 135 points
5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz with 2x CCW, Full Command

Old Greg - 220 points
Giant with Warpaint
At a 1,000 points this list doesn't really have a lot of models. I know that fielding a giant in 1,000 is not the smartest move and that only 5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz really don't pack a mean punch, but it's what I had at the moment and I learned a whole lot about the different units.

My first game was against the store manager, who ran his infamous Skaven. A Skaven Warlock Enginseer, a bare-bones Grey Seer, Hellpit Abomination, a block of Plague Monks with the banner that lets them re-roll To Hit and To Wound once per game and Storm Vermin who had the Banner of the Horned Rat (-1 to Leadership within 12'', re-roll all successful Ld checks). Basically I was outskilled, outclassed in the Magic phase and terrain was an issue for my Boar Boyz.. Best part of the game, though? My Shaman casting an unstoppable 'eadbutt and hitting the Grey Seer for two wounds. Then I rolled Snake Eyes (also known as A Gentleman's Ones) for the mishap and the explosion killed 5 of my Savage Orc Boyz. Shaman was fine, though.

Second game we used pretty much the same lists. This time it was the Tower mission, which I barricaded with the 20 Savages. Terrain was pretty open on the flanks and I rolled Foot of Gork and 'ere We Go. He had the first turn and moved his Hellpit Abomination very close to my Giant and Boar Boyz. On my turn I my Boar Boyz couldn't restrain their Frenzy and charged at the Hellpit Abomination alongside with Old Greg. First round of combat was pretty much tied (we forgot to do Stomp Attacks..), especially when his monster avoided my Giant's Club.. ;( He managed to cast the 13th Spell on my big block of guys by getting exactly 25 without rolling any double 6's.. And like 12 boyz died... On my turn I cast Foot of Gork (extedned), squished 12 Storm Vermin and then I rolled a 1, which crushed some of my Savage Orc Boyz.. On his turn though the Hellpit Abomination lost combat and fled, but my Boar Boyz caugh up to it and killed it! The rest of the game was all about Skaven munching on my Orcs with some crazy Plague Monks getting Poison on a 5+ and re-rolls to Hit and to Wound against my Giant... But that and the small unit of Savage Orc Boar Boyz managed to distract his army enough to end the game with me controlling the Tower!

Third game was against my buddy Will and his Orcs and Goblins. He had two blocks of Orc Boyz, a Night Goblin Shaman, a Black Orc Boss on a Boar with +1 attack and some disrupting crown.. or something. He also had a Doom Diver Catapult, x2 Bolt Throwers, two Pump Wagons and 2 5-man Goblin Wolf Rider units. The way we deployed discouraged both of us from hanging out in the middle, so this game was basically Will's Wolf Riders teasing my frenzied units (charged his Wolf Riders turn one and then rolled like a 16'' overrun right in front of his mobz) on the flanks. Our Shamans were shooting small and annoying spells at each other (Itchy Nuisance sucks on a Giant!)... Old Greg was being the target of Will's artillery and got rid of the two Pump Wagons..

Goblins Wolf Riders are definitely good! But the models are meh.. Unfortunately my Thunderwolves are the size of a Hellpit Abominatios and won't really work.. :P

Magic is crazy! I love it!

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