Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wiener, wiener, Pig-iron dinner!

Oh man, today is a good day! The Star Forge had a lovely give-away to commemorate 1 month of blogging and his first 500 views! Make sure you visit his very promising blog! Oh and-by-the-way I WON! Well... there were two winners, but my name was listed first! :) So I won! Woohooo!

What did I win? A set of 20 HD.2 Kolony Militia Heads!
Halt, Hammerzeit!
Hyah 'm khndah abigdeeuhl!
A very interesting set indeed. Very post-apocalyptic/Nazi-like, which is always welcome and nice to have for future projects. I already know that two.. maybe THREE of my friends will be very jealous (One is German, one does WW2 reenactments and rides in a German tank and the last on plays Death Korps of Krieg). Plus, I love me some gas masks. I've got my own black Russian GP-5 (GP being ГП - Гражданский Противогаз, Russian for Citizen's Gas mask) with custom black tinted eye pieces. I'm pretty sure I still have the wider-spread gray version of it at my old apartment in Bulgaria. Was gonna use this bad boy for a TF2 Pyro cosplay but I never got around to making the flamethrower despite buying pretty much all the materials AND getting a red firefighter's jacket-thing from eBay.

Once again, thank you for the pleasant surprise, Starforged. I will make sure to update you once I decide what the fate of this lovely set is going to be..

Skarvald out!

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