Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knights are available for Advance Order!

Waddaya know, I complain about the nasty rumors foreshadowing the Grey Knights and Games Workshop announces the first wave of Knights in Shining Armor.. I'm looking at the models, rereading many of the rumors (many of which Games Workshop just proved to be ... sigh.. true!)... and.. I don't know. It doesn't seem so scary anymore. 

Lets go over the first wave, shall we?

Codex Grey Knights: Soft cover. Many people assumed that 40k would also adopt to the new hard cover system, just like the Orcs and Goblins Army Book.. Well, they were wrong. Cover is pretty nice, although it's missing some xeno primates. Where are my Jokaero, huh??

Grey Knights - This 5-man $33 box is used for the assembly of Grey Knight Strike Squads (Troops), Grey Knight Purifier Squads (Troop/Elites), Grey Knight Purgation Squads (Heavy Support Devastator-like) and Grey Knight Interceptor Squads (Fast Attack). Come with plenty of options.. for Justicars. Wow. That's going to be pretty expensive. For example, the Space Wolves Pack comes with enough parts to make 10 models and is only $37.25. No options to take a Jokaero familiar, thus this kit sucks. They look nice, though.. I mean, not too different from the previous Grey Knights but at least they are plastic. I'm digging the beheaded Daemonette there..

Grey Knight Terminators ($50) - NOW IN PLASIC! ...and all of a sudden all of the older metal Terminators die due to Perils of the Warp. Again, tons of upgrades and thank god they can only take 1 Ward-staff or whatever it is called.. Oh, and the 2+ Invulnerable save only counts in close combat. Same box is used for the Grey Knight Paladins. Comes with a cool-looking banner..

Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAH HAHAHAhaAHAHAHAhaAHAHAHA JUEJUEJUEJUEJUEJUE.. Hahahah.. Heh.. Dohohohohoo.. Trolololololol... Хахахахахахаха!!!

Ultramarines Nemesis Dreadknight
It's a... It's.. It's a Grey Knight in a baby pouch. With a diaper. Look at him. Look at his expression, he's all like "I fink I made an angry poo-poo." Or even, "Okay, who just cast the Hemorrhoids psychic power on me? Not cool, Battle-Brothers. Not. Cool."
Man, I preferred him when he was a blurry picture. At least the big gun on his left arm looks threatening. And we finally have the bit to recreate the Thunder Hammer Statue from Assault on Magnir's Crag.

How much is he? Probably a lot. At the moment the Games Workshop website doesn't even have a price for it, even though he is available for pre-order.

Good times..


  1. The baby carrier thing did not occur to me, but it's so accurate. Maybe the Sororitas will get one with the Sister in a sling (or a little backpack) to match!

  2. It will be like the Penitent Engine, except the chick on it will be holding a baby.. *shudder*

  3. I have to agree about the price of the GKPA. $33 for 5 dudes is a bit steep, but on the bright side, the upped the price of the 5-men Death Company box to $33 as well.

    My main problem with the power armor is two fold. First and foremost, is that the Storm Bolter is friggin huge! It looks really out of place. The second is that they don't really look that much better than the old metal ones. From what I hear you get a TON of extra bits (which is why I guess its $33 for the kit) but I was just expecting something more.

    With the Termies, I still think the Storm Bolter is too big. I think the rest is fine, and they are priced the same as other termie kits.

    The DK... HAHAHA I really like all the baby carriers that everyone is finding to compare it too. My first thought was the seating in a suspended roller coaster. (

  4. That was so hilarious it desevered a hit and a comment! :D


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