Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Orkz be able to field Looted Vehicles ever again?

Bear wiv me.
I started playing Warhammer 40,000 maybe a year after the release of 5th Edition. Naturally, I have only heard stories of orkz being able to field vehicles from other armies' codices just like a true Big Mek would. Many people still say that they miss this option, that it was too fluffy and with the removal of lootin' Orkz lost a lot of their flavor. Others don't miss the good ole days, since Orkz cruising in Land Raiders and other various iconic vehicles seemed silly and often broke the game by being too unbalanced and overpowered.

"Da buildin' is not as rewardin' as da lootin'! Hur hur hur!"
Personally, it blows my mind why Games Workshop decided to get rid of this option. Business-wise it was such a bad decision. Think about it. If the current Ork codex allowed us to field looted Rhinos, Land Raiders, Chimeras, Valkyries and other similar vehicles it would increase profits by so much. I mean, a lot of people use them even now for conversions and such, but a lot of the things we see are echoes from a few Editions ago.

They are already pretty much pullin' the teef from our mouths with the constantly increasing prices.. ;_;
Letting Orkz to Loot vehicles means that every time Games Workshop releases a new vehicle kit for an army, it automatically becomes an item of interested for all Ork players. Even the ones who hate Space Marines with a burning passion would love to desecrate their vehicles and use them against them, right?

I agree that balancing would be tough, but there are a lot of ways to make this viable. I mean, giving any vehicle BS 2 will make it less viable and the "Don't Press Dat!" rule the Looted Wagon in the current Ork codex has is also very fluffy.

There's even a model for it!
For example, for 225 pts. one would be able to loot 3 Imperial Guard Hydra Flak tanks that will be able to deliver a total of 12 S7 AP4 twin-linked shots at 48''. Reduce the current BS of 3 to a BS2. That's still a lot of firepower for the points of 15 Lootas. However, add "Don't Press Dat!" and on a 1 the entire squadron will have to move full speed straight ahead! Imperial Armour 8 even has a similar Ork vehicle! A squadron of 3 (although it is listed as 1-5) Gun Trukkz with Flakka-Gunz (48'' S7 AP4 Assault 4, AA mount) is exactly 225 pts. and comes with 1 big shoota per vehicle.

A Valkyrie or even a Storm Raven model would make for a very interesting Fighta, and the new Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber would be da purfekt Fighta-Bommer. This might be a little too good, but who knows? Maybe limit the number of looted vehicles or the points available to be spent on looted vehicles and increase them if there is a Big Mek (or two) in the army? I could see this workin' out just fine.

Speaking of Flyers, it is not too hard to see the pattern of fast skimmer "flyer" type vehicles that are appearing in 5th edition codices. Space Marines got ripped off. the Imperial Guard has Valkyries and Vendettas, Space Wolves didn't get anything fancy but Thunderwolves more than make up for it, Blood Angels have their Stormraven Gunship, Dark Eldar got their awesome Voidraven Bombers and it has already been confirmed that Grey Knights will be getting their own shiny Stormraven Gunships....

What will Necrons and Tau get? Actually, never mind that.

Will Orkz get their awesome Fightas and Fighta-Bommers?

While a lot of Imperial Armour stuff tends to be either too good or slightly overpriced, a Fighta-Bommer seems like a very good unit to field on the table for it's points. It truly represents the destructive nature of the Ork race. While it is still BS2 and 210 pts., it is equipped with 4 hull-mounted big shootas with AA mounts, 1 turret-mounted twin-linked big shoota, 1 payload of 8 bomms, 2 suppa-rokkits (which can be substituted for 2 burna bomms for free)... Now, that's a lot of dakka! Certainly if it were to be released in the Ork Codex, it might have more and less upgrades and options available, but I can definitely see it as a unit in future...

Friday, January 14, 2011

New 40k Rulebook and Codex Erratas: Black Templars and Dark Angels can stop being emo..... now!

I am sure you probably know about this from some of the bigger blogs (personally I first learned about the changes from The Hogs of War!), but that doesn't change the fact that I am excited about all the crazy additions, especially in the Black Templar and Dark Angels department:

"We are Back in Black"
As the Adeptus Mechanicus picks up production rates in their Manufactora, Black Templars (FAQ link) and Dark Angels (FAQ link) finally receive the same gear available to the 5th Edition Space Marine Chapters, which means that their Storm Shields, cyclone missile launchers, smoke launchers, Land Raiders and all of their other jib-jabs (I am not very familiar with them, sorry..) are just as viable and useful as they should have been since the beginning of 5th Edition. Oh well. Better late than never, right?
Will we see a small increase of Black Templar and Dark Angels players as people finally decide to start an army using their actual Codices and others dust-off their ancient models? I hope so. 

Dark Eldar (FAQ link) get their first FAQ since the release of their new codex. Nothing game-breaking and not a whole lot of errata, which means that the codex was well done and not too rushed. A lot of Q&A about Power from Pain which clarifies most of the gray areas..

There's also a newer version of the Space Wolves (FAQ link) and Blood Angels (FAQ link). Again, nothing too crazy. The Space Wolves clarifications are mostly things that should never have been asked (like, whether two Frost Blades give +2S and whether dual Wolf Claws allow re-rolls to hit and to wound at the same time... sigh!), but are still nice nonetheless, since they will finally put an end to childish ideas! My favorite question answered concerning the Space Wolves codex was something that I always assumed to be obvious, but now I'm actually happy to have been proven wrong:

Q: Can a Lone Wolf embark onto an empty transport vehicle? (p29)
A: Yes.

Nothing too crazy again, but I always thought that Lone Wolves could never be inside vehicles. No matter what. Hm... I can see Razorbacks with Heavy Flamers letting Lone Wolves to ride shotgun for a turn or two until they can jump out and land on someone's face. I wonder if someone out there could make this work..

As a whole, all Space Marine Chapters get some clarifications on the ATSKNF rule and a lot of clarifications concerning Drop Pods, dedicated transports (especially Razorbacks), etc.

And last but not least, make sure to skim through Warhammer 40,000: RULEBOOK Official Update Version 1.2!

Going to "Ultramarines" screening with Dan Abnett and producer Bob Thompson!

That's right! If you've already read my "Ultramarines" movie review, then you know my opinion on the movie as a whole, but there's no way I'm missing this one.

"Where's a hand when you need one?"
According to some friends and this shady little tidbit of information This Saturday, January 15th (11 am), at the Charlestowne 18 movie theater in St. Charles, IL, Dan Abnett and Bob Thompson will be available for a Q&A session after the screening of the movie. That's great! I'd be willing to see the movie again. I think it will be even better when seen with the appropriate crowd., you know? A lot of my friends are going to see it and are pretty hyped up about it despite any and all the things they've heard/read about "Ultramarines". That's the spirit.

I'm also pretty excited for finally getting to meet Dan Abnett.... and Bob Tompson, of course. We missed him at Games Day Baltimore '10, but this time there will be no escape! ;D I will make sure to bring if not a few books, then at least Prospero Burns for him to sign and will try not to be too embarrassed to ask him a few questions about the movie.

Which is where you guys can suggest things I should ask the author who wrote the screenplay and the producer of Ultramarines: The Movie. If it's a good question I'll try and ask it, then post the response here.

However.. Something's rather fishy! Is it possible that the powers of Chaos are toying with us? According to my friends and the source, the screening is supposed to take place this Saturday. However, the actual listing is nowhere to be seen. It is not on the cinema's website, nor was it listed on the cinema's hot line. Alternatively, you'd think that a Q&A in the U.S would be advertised, right? It is a tour after all. Why wouldn't the information about this screening be on their webiste, twitter page or on Dan Abnett's blog. Yes, I am inquisitive like that.

"Quit staring at me!!!"
While the actual date stated January 15th, the description was talking about February 26th, which is also a Saturday. Both dates are pretty hard to mess up, and Abnett did mention that he was going to be at some Q&A (I assume) in England around the 22nd of January. Lakeside and Bluewater to be exact. Sounds like a pretty short tour to me.. >_>

I left a message to the General Manager of the cinema and hopefully he will be the bringer of good news or else I'm going to have to don my Commissar hat.

Don't make me do this, Dan Abnett. I am pretty sure you can still be of use to your numerous fans. ;P

Monday, January 10, 2011

Confirmed for an April Release: Codex Grey Knights

This Games Workshop article officially announces the new incoming rules and kits for the Grey Knights army AND confirms their release to be somewhere in April.

More specifically: "This April Games Workshop releases Codex: Grey Knights, alongside a comprehensive range of fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures..." yadda, yadda, yadda. Does this mean that they will be getting an actual physical manifestation of a Codex and not the rumored White Dwarf Codex release? Hm.. Personally an actual Codex would be nice. A White Dwarf one would be flimsy, puny and weak, but I guess you get what you pay for.

However, the Emperor's Best deserve a book with a cool cover and tons of pictures and fluff.. and what not.

A few pictures to grab our attention would have been nice. Like.. at least a WIP green stuff sculpture of the left arm of a plastic Grey Knight in Power Armour. Or at least a purity seal. A purity seal would have been JAWESOME. As in Jawesome of the World Wolf.
But then again we have yet to even see any official pictures of the Blood Angels February wave.

What can we expect from Codex Grey Knights?
You mad, Tyranids?
 From what I hear, this codex will be brought to us by Robin Cruddace who also wrote the incredibly overpowered, under-priced, boring and bland Codex Imperial Guard and the underpowered, internally unbalanced Codex Tyranids. So which one will it be? Is third time the charm? Everything points to ridiculous units such as Terminators with two wounds who are pretty much the equivalent of Lone Wolves, except in squads and apparently Feel No Pain will be abundant. Again. I personally agree that Grey Knights should be really, really good but with great power comes great point cost.
It would be cool to see models on the table with at least two wounds every USR imaginable.. but then the points will make them bad and unwanted. Just like the Cabbage Patch Kids and the new Carnifexes.. So again, it's all about internal codex balance - something that Mr. Cruddace has obviously been struggling with.
One of my best friends paints and plays Grey Knights and is incredibly excited about the new release and I'm hoping that the Codex will meet his expectations.. But at the same time I'm hoping it's just going to be "meh" or at least not on par with Space Wolves. :P Sorry, Vince!

Fetchez le Tau!
What does this mean for us Space Wolves players?
- No new Grey Knights at Adepticon 2011! A March release would have been able to cut it, but April is too late (considering it would be after the event). This means that we won't see an increase in psychic defense and shenanigans as the new Grey Knights are rumored to have amazing psykers and tons of ways to deal with enemy psykers. So... Rune Priests will still be good. It means we won't have to learn how to fight against the new Kniggets and we won't have to worry about any er... grey areas in the Codex that haven't been covered by an FAQ or an Errata.

Grey Knights have a lot of potential. They are a very elite army and as such their guys are expensive, but what they do is just crazy good. They will get a lot of a tricks that might cause us some problems. Re-rollable saves, psychic powers that boost the AV of vehicles (Rhinos with front AV13?), lots of pinning weapons (BAD for our low LD), psychic hoods out the wazoo and some sort of defense from long range fire are what I've been reading about. This is bad for our beloved Missile Launcher Long Fangs.
Apparently they are getting rid of Fearless on the Grey Knights and are giving them And They Shall Know No Fear.

We shall see. Only time will tell..

Until then, /2 WTB Fenrisian Wolves, kthxbai.

- Skarvald the Troll-faced

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Librarium Painting Challenge 2011 Vow

I, Skarvald the Troll-faced of the Space Wolves, vow on the honour of my Chapter to paint and present at least 10 Longs Fangs with Missile Launchers, 2 Long Fang Sergeants, 28 Grey Hunters, 4 Rhinos, 1 Vindicator, 5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 2 Rune Priests and a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf (2,000 points of Space Wolves) on or before the 31st of March, 2011. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done. 

 This is for the Librarium Painting Challenge 2011 over at The Bolter and Chainsword forums. This is a pretty big deal for me as it is a way to encourage my Adepticon teammates (myself included!) to continue our work on the Space Wolves from team "Razorback Spam". As I am painting 2 our of the 4 1,000 pt. armies for the Team Tournament, it is a challenge that I HAVE to face and defeat. While I have done some work on the models already I believe that the sheer amount of painting that needs to be done will compensate for that.
For now, it would be a great feat of strength for me if I achieve this goal. Any and all support would be appreciated. Poke me from time to time and don't be afraid to remind me about this vow, friends. 

And yes! I just vowed to paint a total of:
42 infantry models (28 Grey Hunters, 12 Long Fangs, 2 Rune Priests)
6 cavalry models (5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf)
5 vehicles (4 Rhinos, 1 Vindicator)
2,000 pts. of Space Wolves

For Russ and the Allfather! For Deathwolf! For Skarvald the Troll-faced!

I am even willing to make this vow even grander!
Depending on the outcome of this challenge, I promise to add one of the following images to the sidebar of this blog:

P.S: So far the only other person to make a vow bigger than mine is caine1975 who is also from the Space Wolves sub-forum. Right on, Wolf Brother!

Drug use in our Games Workshop...

It's kind of funny how it happens. So sudden, so shocking... Yet, it doesn't hit you until it's too late and you're trying desperately to come up with answers. But it happened and it changed all of us for better or for worse.
I used to be clean of any such substances. I mean, occasionally I'd see someone using but I didn't care because I wasn't being forced to do it. Some of my friends partook too and insisted it was harmless. Right. They are not saying that now..

He got us all. That bastard.

At first no one suspected Chris (the previous store manager of our store) - he was a laid back guy with a passion for the hobby. I mean, you could see it in his eyes. He cared for the store, he cared for the community as a whole and his contagious laughter and funny outbursts are still entwined in our conversations inside out favorite GW. The man was a legend and wherever he went, he was being followed by a cohort of faithful friends and customers. I still wonder why we didn't see it coming.

I still remember him from time to time. Leaning on a chair in his comfy pants, looking hilariously suspicious (or even suspiciously hilarious) through his glasses, always scratching that dark Italian beard of his.. And then he would reach beneath the counter for yet another sip of that delicious, syrupy narcotic of his..

"Dr. Pepper. Drink it slow, drink it cold." he'd say.. The words of a true addict.

Dr. Pepper was unknown to me at that time. I never had it in my childhood, because it is rare to find in Europe where hashish is the commonplace. Who knows, maybe my parents were trying to protect me from this sweet, sweet death.. Obviously suspicious to the unknown I never really dared or wanted to try it. But Chris pushed and pushed.. He used to "use" at least a few times a day. Every day. He would have one  Dr. Pepper every time I walked into the store. Every time he went out to grab lunch (they even smuggle it in that Chinese place up the hill as part of their "lunch special"). He would take a sip every time he managed to hit the trashcan with miscellaneous crumpled-up paper. That was not so frequent.

Oh, and he would do it in such a teasing manner. You could hear the elixir entering his veins and that sound he made after each sip. A sound of pure euphoria. A sound that made us thirsty and wanting.

Trust him. He's a Doctor.
First, it was the younger children. His friends helped by using it almost as frequently as he did. Then he corrupted my friends and pretty soon it became the only beverage available to me. Even one of my favorite bands of all time was promoting it. But it didn't end there.. Soon he managed to incorporate new ways of using Dr. Pepper - lip balm, Dr. Pepper BBQ chicken...
I had to choose. I was surrounded by it everywhere I went and it was becoming a part of my life that I didn't sign up for. So I did.

And now, as I sit exhausted after a long day at work I can't help but feel like a soulless husk every time I look at my empty bottle of Dr. Pepper. The way it's sugary goodness courses through my body, awakening both the creative hobbyist and the beardy player in me....

I suppose it is kind of funny how everyone at Games Workshop Deer Grove started drinking Dr. Pepper. It has become one of the "things" here and it's here to stay! I know that I was influenced by Chris and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But that's a good thing. It's rare not to see half a dozen cans of Dr. Pepper on the counter now.. and even the logo brings back memories from not so long ago.

Damn. I NEED a Dr. Pepper. NOW.

And you? What do you drink while you play with your toy soldiers?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New 011.M3! Now release Imperial Armour XI already!

Happy New Year, guys! According to the Chinese, it is to be the Year of the Metal Rabbit! It is also the International Year of Forest and the International Year of Chemistry.
Here's for yet another year to enjoy and cherish before Quetzalcoatl comes and destroys our polluted, overpopulated planet Earth. So that means - yet another year of being a happy manchild who gets to play with toy soldiers. Hmmm.. Sounds good to me!
Who knows what the new year will bring us? All we have are rumors, but they are always good enough in my book, because speculation is part of the whole gaming experience for me.. So lets see what the new year is bringing us..

January - Skaven second wave!
February - Blood Angels second wave
March - New Warhammer Fantasy Orcs and Goblins Army Book and new models.
April - Adepticon 2011!
??? - Grey Knights
??? - Necrons
??? - Tau Empire

There have been rumors for Necrons in April, even Tau in October. Who knows?
Tomb Kings will probably be the next Warhammer Fantasy army to get a new Army Book.

And here's the book that every Space Wolves player is waiting for:
Imperial Armour 11. We don't know for sure if it will come out this year, but it probably will..
All I care about are the Space Wolves in the book. New characters, new vehicles, new upgrade kits and finally some unique Space Wolves Apocalypse Formations! Which Great Company will be featured? Will Forge World make some sick-looking Thunderwolf models or does Games Workshop insist on making them in plastic?

Personally I would love to see a Formation that features Thunderwolves - I've been trying to come up with something cool, but I always fail to do so..
A new Space Wolves Land Raider variant? I really want to see a vehicle that can shoot harpoons at people. Maybe a version of the Magna Grapple?
Resin Wolf Guard in Power Armour?
A really cool resin Rune Priest?

Also, I am really hoping that Games Workshop will release new Goblin Wolf Riders for the Orcs and Goblins Army Book. Something that doesn't have only one pose and that looks intimidating.. Something that we can finally use as Fenrisian wolves...

What are you wishing for this year? What would you like to see as a product? What new armies are you thinking of starting?