Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Librarium Painting Challenge 2011 Vow

I, Skarvald the Troll-faced of the Space Wolves, vow on the honour of my Chapter to paint and present at least 10 Longs Fangs with Missile Launchers, 2 Long Fang Sergeants, 28 Grey Hunters, 4 Rhinos, 1 Vindicator, 5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 2 Rune Priests and a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf (2,000 points of Space Wolves) on or before the 31st of March, 2011. I promise to provide at least two WIP updates, preferably with pictures, in that time. I vow that if I should fail, I will provide the Librarium with an article and wear the Signature of Shame until my penitence period is done. 

 This is for the Librarium Painting Challenge 2011 over at The Bolter and Chainsword forums. This is a pretty big deal for me as it is a way to encourage my Adepticon teammates (myself included!) to continue our work on the Space Wolves from team "Razorback Spam". As I am painting 2 our of the 4 1,000 pt. armies for the Team Tournament, it is a challenge that I HAVE to face and defeat. While I have done some work on the models already I believe that the sheer amount of painting that needs to be done will compensate for that.
For now, it would be a great feat of strength for me if I achieve this goal. Any and all support would be appreciated. Poke me from time to time and don't be afraid to remind me about this vow, friends. 

And yes! I just vowed to paint a total of:
42 infantry models (28 Grey Hunters, 12 Long Fangs, 2 Rune Priests)
6 cavalry models (5 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf)
5 vehicles (4 Rhinos, 1 Vindicator)
2,000 pts. of Space Wolves

For Russ and the Allfather! For Deathwolf! For Skarvald the Troll-faced!

I am even willing to make this vow even grander!
Depending on the outcome of this challenge, I promise to add one of the following images to the sidebar of this blog:

P.S: So far the only other person to make a vow bigger than mine is caine1975 who is also from the Space Wolves sub-forum. Right on, Wolf Brother!

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