Monday, January 10, 2011

Confirmed for an April Release: Codex Grey Knights

This Games Workshop article officially announces the new incoming rules and kits for the Grey Knights army AND confirms their release to be somewhere in April.

More specifically: "This April Games Workshop releases Codex: Grey Knights, alongside a comprehensive range of fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures..." yadda, yadda, yadda. Does this mean that they will be getting an actual physical manifestation of a Codex and not the rumored White Dwarf Codex release? Hm.. Personally an actual Codex would be nice. A White Dwarf one would be flimsy, puny and weak, but I guess you get what you pay for.

However, the Emperor's Best deserve a book with a cool cover and tons of pictures and fluff.. and what not.

A few pictures to grab our attention would have been nice. Like.. at least a WIP green stuff sculpture of the left arm of a plastic Grey Knight in Power Armour. Or at least a purity seal. A purity seal would have been JAWESOME. As in Jawesome of the World Wolf.
But then again we have yet to even see any official pictures of the Blood Angels February wave.

What can we expect from Codex Grey Knights?
You mad, Tyranids?
 From what I hear, this codex will be brought to us by Robin Cruddace who also wrote the incredibly overpowered, under-priced, boring and bland Codex Imperial Guard and the underpowered, internally unbalanced Codex Tyranids. So which one will it be? Is third time the charm? Everything points to ridiculous units such as Terminators with two wounds who are pretty much the equivalent of Lone Wolves, except in squads and apparently Feel No Pain will be abundant. Again. I personally agree that Grey Knights should be really, really good but with great power comes great point cost.
It would be cool to see models on the table with at least two wounds every USR imaginable.. but then the points will make them bad and unwanted. Just like the Cabbage Patch Kids and the new Carnifexes.. So again, it's all about internal codex balance - something that Mr. Cruddace has obviously been struggling with.
One of my best friends paints and plays Grey Knights and is incredibly excited about the new release and I'm hoping that the Codex will meet his expectations.. But at the same time I'm hoping it's just going to be "meh" or at least not on par with Space Wolves. :P Sorry, Vince!

Fetchez le Tau!
What does this mean for us Space Wolves players?
- No new Grey Knights at Adepticon 2011! A March release would have been able to cut it, but April is too late (considering it would be after the event). This means that we won't see an increase in psychic defense and shenanigans as the new Grey Knights are rumored to have amazing psykers and tons of ways to deal with enemy psykers. So... Rune Priests will still be good. It means we won't have to learn how to fight against the new Kniggets and we won't have to worry about any er... grey areas in the Codex that haven't been covered by an FAQ or an Errata.

Grey Knights have a lot of potential. They are a very elite army and as such their guys are expensive, but what they do is just crazy good. They will get a lot of a tricks that might cause us some problems. Re-rollable saves, psychic powers that boost the AV of vehicles (Rhinos with front AV13?), lots of pinning weapons (BAD for our low LD), psychic hoods out the wazoo and some sort of defense from long range fire are what I've been reading about. This is bad for our beloved Missile Launcher Long Fangs.
Apparently they are getting rid of Fearless on the Grey Knights and are giving them And They Shall Know No Fear.

We shall see. Only time will tell..

Until then, /2 WTB Fenrisian Wolves, kthxbai.

- Skarvald the Troll-faced

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