Friday, January 14, 2011

New 40k Rulebook and Codex Erratas: Black Templars and Dark Angels can stop being emo..... now!

I am sure you probably know about this from some of the bigger blogs (personally I first learned about the changes from The Hogs of War!), but that doesn't change the fact that I am excited about all the crazy additions, especially in the Black Templar and Dark Angels department:

"We are Back in Black"
As the Adeptus Mechanicus picks up production rates in their Manufactora, Black Templars (FAQ link) and Dark Angels (FAQ link) finally receive the same gear available to the 5th Edition Space Marine Chapters, which means that their Storm Shields, cyclone missile launchers, smoke launchers, Land Raiders and all of their other jib-jabs (I am not very familiar with them, sorry..) are just as viable and useful as they should have been since the beginning of 5th Edition. Oh well. Better late than never, right?
Will we see a small increase of Black Templar and Dark Angels players as people finally decide to start an army using their actual Codices and others dust-off their ancient models? I hope so. 

Dark Eldar (FAQ link) get their first FAQ since the release of their new codex. Nothing game-breaking and not a whole lot of errata, which means that the codex was well done and not too rushed. A lot of Q&A about Power from Pain which clarifies most of the gray areas..

There's also a newer version of the Space Wolves (FAQ link) and Blood Angels (FAQ link). Again, nothing too crazy. The Space Wolves clarifications are mostly things that should never have been asked (like, whether two Frost Blades give +2S and whether dual Wolf Claws allow re-rolls to hit and to wound at the same time... sigh!), but are still nice nonetheless, since they will finally put an end to childish ideas! My favorite question answered concerning the Space Wolves codex was something that I always assumed to be obvious, but now I'm actually happy to have been proven wrong:

Q: Can a Lone Wolf embark onto an empty transport vehicle? (p29)
A: Yes.

Nothing too crazy again, but I always thought that Lone Wolves could never be inside vehicles. No matter what. Hm... I can see Razorbacks with Heavy Flamers letting Lone Wolves to ride shotgun for a turn or two until they can jump out and land on someone's face. I wonder if someone out there could make this work..

As a whole, all Space Marine Chapters get some clarifications on the ATSKNF rule and a lot of clarifications concerning Drop Pods, dedicated transports (especially Razorbacks), etc.

And last but not least, make sure to skim through Warhammer 40,000: RULEBOOK Official Update Version 1.2!

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  1. Ahahaha so now Black Templars have the best Land Raiders of all since they will have the same Power of the Machine spirit and they will be able to be given Blessed Hull!


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