Friday, January 14, 2011

Going to "Ultramarines" screening with Dan Abnett and producer Bob Thompson!

That's right! If you've already read my "Ultramarines" movie review, then you know my opinion on the movie as a whole, but there's no way I'm missing this one.

"Where's a hand when you need one?"
According to some friends and this shady little tidbit of information This Saturday, January 15th (11 am), at the Charlestowne 18 movie theater in St. Charles, IL, Dan Abnett and Bob Thompson will be available for a Q&A session after the screening of the movie. That's great! I'd be willing to see the movie again. I think it will be even better when seen with the appropriate crowd., you know? A lot of my friends are going to see it and are pretty hyped up about it despite any and all the things they've heard/read about "Ultramarines". That's the spirit.

I'm also pretty excited for finally getting to meet Dan Abnett.... and Bob Tompson, of course. We missed him at Games Day Baltimore '10, but this time there will be no escape! ;D I will make sure to bring if not a few books, then at least Prospero Burns for him to sign and will try not to be too embarrassed to ask him a few questions about the movie.

Which is where you guys can suggest things I should ask the author who wrote the screenplay and the producer of Ultramarines: The Movie. If it's a good question I'll try and ask it, then post the response here.

However.. Something's rather fishy! Is it possible that the powers of Chaos are toying with us? According to my friends and the source, the screening is supposed to take place this Saturday. However, the actual listing is nowhere to be seen. It is not on the cinema's website, nor was it listed on the cinema's hot line. Alternatively, you'd think that a Q&A in the U.S would be advertised, right? It is a tour after all. Why wouldn't the information about this screening be on their webiste, twitter page or on Dan Abnett's blog. Yes, I am inquisitive like that.

"Quit staring at me!!!"
While the actual date stated January 15th, the description was talking about February 26th, which is also a Saturday. Both dates are pretty hard to mess up, and Abnett did mention that he was going to be at some Q&A (I assume) in England around the 22nd of January. Lakeside and Bluewater to be exact. Sounds like a pretty short tour to me.. >_>

I left a message to the General Manager of the cinema and hopefully he will be the bringer of good news or else I'm going to have to don my Commissar hat.

Don't make me do this, Dan Abnett. I am pretty sure you can still be of use to your numerous fans. ;P

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