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Will Orkz be able to field Looted Vehicles ever again?

Bear wiv me.
I started playing Warhammer 40,000 maybe a year after the release of 5th Edition. Naturally, I have only heard stories of orkz being able to field vehicles from other armies' codices just like a true Big Mek would. Many people still say that they miss this option, that it was too fluffy and with the removal of lootin' Orkz lost a lot of their flavor. Others don't miss the good ole days, since Orkz cruising in Land Raiders and other various iconic vehicles seemed silly and often broke the game by being too unbalanced and overpowered.

"Da buildin' is not as rewardin' as da lootin'! Hur hur hur!"
Personally, it blows my mind why Games Workshop decided to get rid of this option. Business-wise it was such a bad decision. Think about it. If the current Ork codex allowed us to field looted Rhinos, Land Raiders, Chimeras, Valkyries and other similar vehicles it would increase profits by so much. I mean, a lot of people use them even now for conversions and such, but a lot of the things we see are echoes from a few Editions ago.

They are already pretty much pullin' the teef from our mouths with the constantly increasing prices.. ;_;
Letting Orkz to Loot vehicles means that every time Games Workshop releases a new vehicle kit for an army, it automatically becomes an item of interested for all Ork players. Even the ones who hate Space Marines with a burning passion would love to desecrate their vehicles and use them against them, right?

I agree that balancing would be tough, but there are a lot of ways to make this viable. I mean, giving any vehicle BS 2 will make it less viable and the "Don't Press Dat!" rule the Looted Wagon in the current Ork codex has is also very fluffy.

There's even a model for it!
For example, for 225 pts. one would be able to loot 3 Imperial Guard Hydra Flak tanks that will be able to deliver a total of 12 S7 AP4 twin-linked shots at 48''. Reduce the current BS of 3 to a BS2. That's still a lot of firepower for the points of 15 Lootas. However, add "Don't Press Dat!" and on a 1 the entire squadron will have to move full speed straight ahead! Imperial Armour 8 even has a similar Ork vehicle! A squadron of 3 (although it is listed as 1-5) Gun Trukkz with Flakka-Gunz (48'' S7 AP4 Assault 4, AA mount) is exactly 225 pts. and comes with 1 big shoota per vehicle.

A Valkyrie or even a Storm Raven model would make for a very interesting Fighta, and the new Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber would be da purfekt Fighta-Bommer. This might be a little too good, but who knows? Maybe limit the number of looted vehicles or the points available to be spent on looted vehicles and increase them if there is a Big Mek (or two) in the army? I could see this workin' out just fine.

Speaking of Flyers, it is not too hard to see the pattern of fast skimmer "flyer" type vehicles that are appearing in 5th edition codices. Space Marines got ripped off. the Imperial Guard has Valkyries and Vendettas, Space Wolves didn't get anything fancy but Thunderwolves more than make up for it, Blood Angels have their Stormraven Gunship, Dark Eldar got their awesome Voidraven Bombers and it has already been confirmed that Grey Knights will be getting their own shiny Stormraven Gunships....

What will Necrons and Tau get? Actually, never mind that.

Will Orkz get their awesome Fightas and Fighta-Bommers?

While a lot of Imperial Armour stuff tends to be either too good or slightly overpriced, a Fighta-Bommer seems like a very good unit to field on the table for it's points. It truly represents the destructive nature of the Ork race. While it is still BS2 and 210 pts., it is equipped with 4 hull-mounted big shootas with AA mounts, 1 turret-mounted twin-linked big shoota, 1 payload of 8 bomms, 2 suppa-rokkits (which can be substituted for 2 burna bomms for free)... Now, that's a lot of dakka! Certainly if it were to be released in the Ork Codex, it might have more and less upgrades and options available, but I can definitely see it as a unit in future...

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  1. I fought vs Orks yesterday and my opponent had a looted vehicle made from a rhino with a large artillery barrel as a boomgun. S8AP3 was nasty. Maye 10% or ork players around here use looted or homemade vehicles...


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