Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Killzone v3.0 finally done! The Imperium of Man rejoices!

The Official THIRD installment of Special Operations: Killzone
The legal Rulebook and Errata which will be used at Adepticon 2012
As brough to you by: 
Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames
Brian from A Gentleman's Ones
Skarvald the Troll-faced and Frozencore Joe from Wolves for the Wolf God
-=and of course=-
YOU, the supporters
YOU, the play-testers

It has been done, friends, followers of Wolves for the Wolf God and skirmish-enthusiasts from the whole wide world! Special Operations: Killzone v3.0 is finally here! AND, if you haven't done so already head to the Killzone page and get yourself the brand new versions of the Killzone Rulebook v3.0 and the Killzone Errata, which has now been renamed to Killzone Codex: Operatives. v3.0, of course. ;)
After many Skype sessions, after many hours spent theory-crafting, balancing, writing, cutting, editing and play-testing we, the authors of the current incarnation of Killzone believe that the game is finally ready... For Adepticon, that is. 
A true masterpiece is never done and even know I can't wait to see where the winds will take us. Big Jim is already salivating at the possibilities over at the Killzone Facebook Group. I just know it.  

We are of course very happy to deliver the jolly good news to you, but don't you dare think that our job here is done. No, sirs! No such thing. The temporary finalization of Killzone was just a part of our pledge to make Special Operations: Killzone the best skirmishing independent game out there. We are done with the theory part of the challenge. Time for some practice.
And while we are done with the rulebook stuff until the end of Adepticon we still have so much to do. 
But we'll manage, right? We just have 10 3x3 ft. tables to do by the last week of April. Shouldn't be too bad! 
For now, though, we'll be keeping these a secret. :P 

Brian really hit the nail on the head over at his blog, though. It has been hectic and crazy, but oh so much fun. 
Lets just say that we not feel for all game designers and developers out there. Coming up with cool and fair rules at the same time ain't easy, dudes! 

So, what does that mean? Well, while we are ready to reveal some of the table designs and ideas, me and Frozencore Joe will try to share with you a fraction of the Killzone Madness. Expect some insight your very own VIP pass behind the scenes of the MAKING of Killzone. How does it work? What were the limits? 


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