Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Araby Ogres Project

A few days ago I asked the blogosphere for help, concerning green stuff and sculpting some army-specific items for my Araby-themed Ogres....
Some of you were quick to answer my call with useful information, tips and tools of the trade, for which I am very thankful!

It was Miniature Tim who decided to take one for the Ogres team. Good ole Tim has offered his skills, time and tutelage to help yours truly with some very-needed green stuff tutorials. VIDEO tutorials, mind you! I will be sending Tim a few of my boring, generic Ogres, which he will probably transform into fierce mercenaries of the Middle East.

brOgre power!
 This is still an early post to notify you of this awesome collaboration between Wolves for the Wolf God and Miniature Tim's blog. This is still work in progress, but expect sculpting tutorials on how to make turbans, vests and maybe even sashes out of Green Stuff for your armies. Even if you are not planning on fielding Ogres you never know when the Oriental will summon you, so stand by and hopefully we'll have something to show you guys in a few weeks?

Until then I have a bunch of ideas for new posts! Lets see.. a review of both A Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns, probably a joint-post with "Frozencore" Joe about the map-based 40k campaign that we created and a bunch of other weird shenanigans..


  1. Good to hear. Tim is a fantastic artist and since I am a fellow Ogre Tyrant, I will watch intently! I have been whipping my GS back and forth on my ogres as well and may do up an Araby one just to help throw my hat in the tut ring!

  2. I'm looking forward to this collaboration alot myself :)

    OST, dive on in, my friend :) I'd love to see you whip up an Araby Ogre to get your take on things!!

  3. One of my favourite things about blogging is when collaboration projects, like this one, are born. I'm green with envy about you working with TIm and for your killer theme. I'm been smashing my panda head for a unique Ogre theme and no I fear I have a troll face.

  4. @Old School Terminator: I CHALLENGE you to! As Tim already said I'd love to see your take on Araby Ogres. Get on with it! :P

    @Tim: As do I, hohoho!

    @HOTpanda: Are you Green STUFF with envy? trollface.jpg In all seriousness, keep on smashing your head until you figure something out. You should totally do Asian/Cathay Ogres. Samuarai/Ninja Maneaters (katanas, naginatas), Ninja/Peasant Gnoblars, Samurai/Mongolian Mournfang Cavalry with bows, conical stra whats and kimonos all over the place, of course. Oh and an Ogre Btucher/Slaughtermaster with Lore of Beasts that is half-Ogre/half-werepanda. Naturally you'll also field Panda bears as Sabetusks. You could even have Pandafang Riders.. PANDAFANG RIDERS. Panda Gorgers.

    DO IT!

  5. Hey hey hey hey... ease up on the multitude of Asiatic references for an Ogre theme... I'm thinking of doing that!!! ;)

    Actually, I have no clue what I want to do... Medieval Asiatic theme, Pirate theme... just don't know yet :(

  6. You could do Roman Legions for your Ogres?
    a Centurion Tyrant, roman shields instead of Ironfists, Gladiators, a fat Ogre with a laurel and a toga for a Butcher..

  7. Killer project that the two of you are embarking on. The kind of blogging that captures my attention and your need to follow the third law of robotics. Congrats on making it into my blogs top x, Sunday Best.

    PS thinking about doing a Japanese Oni theme.


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