Sunday, October 16, 2011

Attention to all Green Stuff pros: Help wanted!

You! Yes, you who can create the unthinkable by mixing blue and yellow stuff.
I am looking at you and you know who you are. You have the power and right now your skills in the fields of Green Stuff manipulation are required.

I am asking the hobby community for assistance with my current project and this time I am hoping for your guidance and tutelage.

What is it this time?
My Ogres. 

While building my brand new Ogres I was constantly trying to come up with a theme for them. At first I wanted to give them an Ice theme and use Thundertusks, the Dragonhide banner and even some Yhetees. Then I scrapped the whole thing and decided to go with a... Fire theme, which would have Firebellies, volcanoes, lava.. you know how it goes. But it was all too simple, all too.. bland. I really needed something special and more flavorful.

Enter Araby Ogres. 
The idea of big, massive Ogres carrying big, massive scimitars, all wearing turbans and colorful vests got me motivated enough to expand my Ogre army pretty quickly. Quicker than I anticipated, actually. It is supposed to be a nice blend of fluff and good units that would look good on the tabletop, but would also perform well and actually win games. Think about it..
- Ali Baba and his 40 Gnoblar thieves 
- Firebelly on an Araby Magic Flying Carpet
- Djinn Slaughtermaster
- Efreet Gorgers

The problem?
Green stuff. Not the amount of it that will be needed, but its use. I think I'm decent when it comes to making simple things out of Green Stuff, but I have always been a learner. I guess I just prefer to visually see what I need to do and how to do it before I attempt it. It's less scary that way.
I this situation I know what I want to do with Green stuff.. I just don't know how to do it or where to begin. It's.. too daunting a task.

And this is where I'm asking you for help.
I would really appreciate any and all tips, pointers, maybe even videos on how to start this project. Some of the things I'll need to learn how to sculpt are turbans, vests, fezzes.

Can some of you sculptors extraordinaire help a fellow hobbyist out? Think of it as a challenge and a way to help me and the community as I'm pretty sure that whatever you sculpt, write or record will be extremely useful not only to me but to a boat-load of gamers.
Also, any painting tips on how to paint my Ogres would be very appreciated. I want them to have a Middle-Eastern look, without being too extreme.


  1. Try contacting Lew-B81 over at Warseer. He is a master of green stuff and has done some incredible work with his very own ogre army. Here is the link to his work on Dark Future Gaming Blog.

    At the end of the post you will find a link to Lew-B81 on Warseer.

  2. Hey, HOTpanda. It looks like great minds think alike, heh. I messaged Lew-B81 on Warseer like a week ago, but it seems like he is busy with school or something, because he just read my message and has not responded.

  3. has a whole series of sculpting blog entries (Free Time Black Hole) that are amazing.

    Also, don't think entirely in terms of green stuff. Will other mediums do the trick? cloth+glue for the magic carpet? dental tape + superglue for cloth strips?

    Also, for larger sculpting, aluminum foil for the inside structure and Sculpey/Fimo for the clay portion. It's so much cheaper than green stuff and hardend at about 225 degrees in the oven.

  4. Check out this Blog post. I hope that it helps.


  5. for turbans why not get a ball of milliput on the ogres head, then roll out a thin long flat strip, and like a real turban wrap it round the ball.

    scimitars could be pilfered from LOTR arabys, (or just use arabys as gnoblars)

    majic carpets could do with a square of fabric and then cover it in PVA.

    vests make a pair of vest shapes then put them over the ogres belly, and smooth them together at the sides?

    if i think of more ill post them up :)


  6. Skarvald, shoot me an email and let's talk about what you're wanting to do... maybe we can do some joint posts and tutorials on our blogs and help out your Ogres at the same time?


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