Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ogre Auction! Get them before they get skinny!

A friend of mine is selling his painted Ogre Kingdoms army! I don't know why, I guess he's not cool enough to body slam people with his sweaty Ogres... He bought them about a year ago to get some fresh air and to play an army that was not his Dark Elves, which were curb-stomping many of the armies at the store.The army has everything you need to start your very own Ogre Kingdoms army and they are painted in a which I'm sure my friend will share with you if you dare to ask. Plus it has a Giant, and Giants are friggin' cool! Check the link down below and if you are personally not interested... why not share it with your friends? And if you do end up buying this army, tell my friend that you saw it first on Wolves for the Wolf God.
I leave you with my buddy's words to you:

This is an Ogre Kingdoms army as seen in the picture. I am looking to unload one of my armies to make room for another and this is the one. With the exception of the giant and 2nd butcher the army is fully painted, and half based. There are also Gut Magic markers included, movement trays, and all of my extra ogre bits including 24 gnoblars that are not pictured. This is basically a fully painted battalion box, bull box, tyrant, and giant (unpainted). It is painted very well beyond the standard 3 color table top standard. This army is ready to play out of the box, with some room for a personal touch through the unpainted giant. I will be individually bubble wrapping the models for shipping. Any questions feel free to contact me. Also if you would like to see close ups of the army please send me a message. 

The army includes:
1 Tyrant
2 Butchers/Slaughtermasters
10 Bulls
7 Ironguts
1 converted Ogre that can serve as Bruiser, Irongut or Bull
4 Leadbelchers
1 Gorger
1 Giant

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