Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bretonnian Auction!

I know that this is the second auction that I'm promoting on the website, but I swear, I'm not trying to turn this into a pseudo-eBay for miniatures. There are far better places for that... but I don't know about any of them.

A really good friend of mine has decided that Bretonnians are not for his play-style - he loves to "ride out" with his knights in shining armor, but as soon as they clash with his opponents he quickly loses interest. So, he has decided to find a better home for his Bretonnians, hopefully to start a Dwarven army with some of the funds from the auction. If you are interested in starting your very own Bretonnian army you should totally check out his link as this wonderful lot has everything you'll ever need on the battlefield and then some more. And more importantly.. it's cheap!
And in case heavily armored noblemen on horses are not your thing you could always buy the Bretonnians and use them as canned food for your Ogres, or as a cool way to oh.. I dunno.. act out Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Don't forget to mention this blog if you end up buying this army!

Coconut shells not included..
The army lot includes:
1 Games Workshop model case
1 Bretonnian Army Book
1 battle standard knight
1 knight general
1 green knight 
Trebuchet w/ Full Crew
Grail Reliaque w/ 18 supported peasants
2 damsel (1 on foot, 1 on horse)
7 pegasus knights
49 knights
57 bowmen
52 men at arms
6 wood barriers
2 boxes of bretonnian bits

Everything has been assembled very well.  The knights are not glued to the horse to allow a much better paint job of the models.  The grail reliaquae is not fully assembled but all the parts are in tack and in their original box.  Some of the shields on the men at arms are not attached because I intended to paint them separately but never got around to that, those parts are all kept in a plastic bag for assembly.  As far as the bits are concerned, I have two boxes of sprue bits from the bretonnian battlion boxes that will be included in the shipment.

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