Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Productive Hobby Tuesday

Me and Average "Frozencore" Joe recently started a nice and cozy hobby and hang-out tradition that will hopefully be occurring on most Tuesdays. It's a lot of fun, actually - a nice way to exchange ideas about the hobby (conversions, painting tips) and about tips and tricks on the tabletop. We usually open up a few sodas and work on small and fun projects while watching TV or listening to music. Then my mom cooks for us and brings the whole "Hobby Tuesday" to a whole different level. I'm pretty sure my mom sees is as a "Let's See What Bulgarian Dish I Cook For Poor Malnourished Joe Tuesday".. This Tuesday we saw Machete!

Machete: Counts as a Blood Claw with Mark of the Wulfen
The real Garfrost. Ain't he a cutie?
I finally started putting my Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf, aka Skarvald the Troll-faced. He is equipped with a Frost Axe, Belt of Russ, Saga of the Beastslayer, Runic Armour and of course Garfrost, his loyal Thunderwolf. I actually really enjoyed deciding what to use for my Wolf Lord. I mean, he has to be the main peace of my 1,000 point list. I used the ornate Space Wolf chest piece and picked the coolest Chaos Marauder Horseman head. For the Frost Axe I used the mysterious Orc Choppa, later identified to be from the Orc Warboss on Wyvern set. I pinned the top of the axe head on top of a Space Wolf Thunder hammer and for the other arm I used a rune-covered power sword. I know it's not 100% WYSIWYG, but Skarvald never shoots..

Unfortunately there are no WIP photos yet, but I will take some tomor- er.. today. Will include also pictures of Garfrost with the few gubbinz I added on him. Skarvald just needs a quick green stuff job around his waist to cover some imperfections and the back pack will be added after I finish and pin my Deathwolf Standard. Some other cosmetic surgeries were done on the rest of my Thunderwolves and they are now almost ready to be primed!

The next few days I'm dedicating to my girlfriend, because she deserves it. I'm going to spend some time with her, away from the tabletop or my hobby space at home. God knows I've played (and WON) enough games for this week and I feel out of mojo.

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