Friday, October 1, 2010

Help Dave Taylor's Cause!

Dave Taylor's Legio Custodes

 You have probably read about this in some of the bigger blogs in the blogosphere, but here I am, trying to spread the word.
Dave Taylor is selling some armies on eBay to try and help two of his friends who desperately need all the support they can get. You can learn more about the situation from this post. It is a very noble cause in which he hopefully succeeds. We all know in one way or another how hard it is to give away something that you spent so much time working on, but we also know that life is cruel and unexpected and horrible things happen for no reason to good people.

Dave just started an auction for his Legio Custodes army (lost of pics here) on eBay. The auction could be found here! Check it out and if you cannot afford to bid maybe you could help Dave by spreading the word on your blogs, websites or among your friends.

Good luck, Dave!

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