Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As the Dark Eldar are closing the distance..

.. their followers are slowly but surely starting to pop up again, eager to savor the pain and suffering of their victims. One of them is Average "Frozencore" Joe - the writer of the Wargamer to the Core blog.

One of Joe's Eldar Jetbikes!
Joe was one of the two people who got me into the hobby. It was him who ran me through my first demo game of Warhammer 40,000 back when he was part of Games Workshop. It was him who showed me the sheer brutality and awesomeness of the Orkz. It was him who taught me how to assemble my models, how to prime and paint AND he also inspired me to paint my plastic toys. The man is both a fantastic painter and an amazing  tactician when it comes to his Eldar, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle and even Orkz. This is my way of thanking him.

Check out his blog. It is still prepping its jet engines for a turbo boost in the blogosphere but Frozencore will surely be updating his blog about his experiences with the Dark Goth Chaos Space Elf Perverts.

Space Wolves Progress: I am almost done painting my converted Rune Priest! Decided to treat myself by painting him while Joe was working on his converted Dark Eldar Wyches and Vince was painting some jump pack Librarian and a Chaplain for his Blood Angels. I am still learning the fine details of painting power armor - things like proper highlighting and black-lining.  I also tried some fancier fur paint schemes with him which worked out for me, even though the guide was meant for less fine fur with more detail. It can be found in the White Dwarf celebrating the new release of the Space Wolves, but I'll make sure to post the gist of it when I'm able to take a picture of my Rune Priest. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to use my friend's spray gun to spray all my infantry marines with Shadow Grey!

I'm still trying to think of a name for my Rune Priest. Any suggestions?

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