Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rune Priest Conversion

Still haven't thought of a name for this bad boy yet, lol.

When a failed Dungeons and Dragons night turned into a "Let's assemble Grey Hunters" night I found myself finally pinning a normal bolt pistol hand on my Rune Priest model. I still don't get why you only get a Plasma Gun option in the Space Wolves Rune Priest blister! Their shooting powers are the best, why pay extra for a weapon you're not likely to fire at all during a game? From there I decided to do some minor conversion since having two identical looking Rune Priests would be silly. It started with adding a wolf tail to his Force weapon and then I looked at his face and decided that he needed a wolf skull instead.

I fugured it would look nice, especially if I do some glowing effects inside and around the eye sockets - something orange, perhaps. And then a rune or two in the middle of it. The wolf skull can be found all over the Grey Hunter sprue and the wolf tail on top of his head was cut from the "beakie" Grey Hunter helmet. Some crappy Green Stuffed fur around the whole thing to cover any imperfections and voila!

I'm still thinking of a name for him, so if you have any ideas feel free to comment!

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