Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things Your LGS Needs: #3 Someone with Jaws of the World Wolf

.. and as my LGS' Space Wolf extraordinaire I get to be that someone. Using your teeth to open bottles of superglue is yet another thing that makes Canis Helix superior to the lesser, common version of the Space Marine gene seed. I mean, look at them teeth marks - it's like I was really trying to rend that bottle cap in order to open it.

While superior to GW's super glue both in ways of application, adhesive strength, quality and quantity this bottle of Loctite lacks a very important trait. Can you guess which one? Hint: It's not the fact that it is cheaper. 
Unfortunately the bottle of superglue was too resilient for my teeth. While the bottle in the background surrendered to my sharp fangs this one managed to pass its Initiative test and Jaws of the World Wolf failed open it.

Oh well. I guess Frozencore Joe will need to learn how to use a paperclip and just dip from the bottle. :(

Here are some shots of things to come: 
It's like some kind of... Dread Fleet Gothic?
My brOgres waiting for the bases to dry..


  1. Cool stuff bro, when I don't have a paper to be working on I'm gonna finish up my anachnarok spider bases. I still want to know what color I should paint up my night goblins and such though...

    *wink, nudge*

  2. You would think that glue makers would make their bottles unglueable. The dunking paperclip trick is something I started doing when my first bottle of superglue had its cap glue shut. That one happened to be a GW brand bottle, as was the second bottle of glue that shared its fate. That Loctite bottle is number 3 on the list, and all things considered I would HIGHLY recommend it over GW brand. It glues faster and stronger than anything I have used so far (even epoxy) and is per volume the cheapest on the market. I much prefer it even over plastic glue, especially that awful new formula for GW plastic.

  3. I can't wait to play against your new brOgres! I haven't faced a single true challenge with my Warriors of Chaos yet, the broken flavor of the month just might do it!

    P.S I'm really bad at this whole Google Account thing so in case you couldn't figure it out this is "Little Nolan Aximand" as I've been referenced before.

  4. Yeah, LNA, I knew it was you. ;) I'll be at the store this weekend for sure. Also - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. LOL

  5. Still Jealous of the ogres, my friend.. really need to get my hand on those models!!!


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