Sunday, September 11, 2011

It Ain't Over Till It's Ogre! Fist Finecast model.

So, yeah.. It's official.
I'm ridin' the Orgre bandwagon.
And it feeeeels good, man. There's a bunch of goat carcasses, a big boiling pot of.. something (possibly gnoblar stew?) and jars of what looks like ketchup but is definitely coagulated blood. But you know, when in the Mountains of Mourn, do like the Ogres do.

The Ogre Kingdoms also persuaded me to give Finecast a shot and I got myself a fancy resiny Ogre Slaughtermaster. I already have two boxes of Ogre "Bulls" with ironfists and 4 brave Leadbelchers assembled so purchasing a Hero/Lord for my army made sense. Oh, and I have a Giant. He's the same giant that I was going to use for my Orcs and Goblins army but he'll be going through some surgery and I'm renaming him Garfrost.

On Finecast: 
I really like the kit I got. I opened it in the store to make sure everything was fine and dandy and besides a bubble or two on his left fist everything was lookin' good. Decided to give him the meat tenderizer to differentiate him from my Ogres who all have the huge swords and ironfists.

Gragas Jigglebelly and Mr. Jerkles
And thus, Gragas Jigglebelly, the Ogre Slaughtermaster was created.
Oh, and his wee gnoblar - Mr. Jerkles. Yep. Not because he's a little jerk, mind you.
I used some of Frozencore Joe's cork to make him fancy and added some half-eaten bodies as well. I like him.

While the model is currently priced at $38.00 I can't help but feel that he is worth every dollar.
Yes, it is a lot of money, but it does come with a few cons:
+ A Slaughtermaster will run you ~300 points as a Lord's choice if you make him a Level 4 Wizard. This is actually more points than x6 Ogre Bulls with all upgrades you can put on them - for two dollars less. Yes, you get 1 model instead of 6, but it does add a bunch of points to your army list!
+ Finecast! I shudder at the thought of having to build the metal version of this model. It would be extremely heavy, requiring lots of pinning, green stuff and praying to the Great Maw for the superglue to actually stick. The porous quality of resin not only allows the superglue to do its thing faster, but it also allowed to feet of the Ogre to stick instantaneously to the cork.
+ Extra bits! For your money you get two extra heads (Frozencore Joe: two very derptacular heads), two extra arms, extra gnoblars and other bits which you can use to convert unit champions, Butchers or even other Slaughtermasters.

I know that Frozencore will disagree with me on the awesomeness of Finecast, but he has had more experience with it so far. Expect an article by him about this new material soon.

And wish Gragas Jigglebelly many, many nasty burps!


  1. I do not like ogres ... xD
    But I read your update, has helped me to learn more about 'Citadel Finecast'.
    Some of my friends call him 'Citadel FAILCast' ... they say that the molds have many defects and that products are not as good as promised.

    But the truth is that in your post you say to be happy with the product, and that's what counts right?
    We want to see it painted as soon as possible!

    Greetings from Spain!

  2. Funny that. I just bought this exact mini Saturday. Great minds clearly think alike!


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