Friday, September 9, 2011

Slapa-a-da paint, mon! Painting Da Silensurz!

Some of you probably still remember the conveted Ork Kommandoz I was building for eventual games of Killzone - you know.. Da Silensurz? Eight models, each with their own.. charm and back-story.
Well, after sitting in my new Battle Foam case for a month or so I decided to prime them.. and after priming I really, really wanted to start painting them. I got this surge, this need to do it.. 
You see, after Adepticon 2011 I had lost my mojo (if I even ever had one). I was sick of painting, building, even stopped playing games for a while, because I was just tired of it all. Not in a negative way, mind you - I was just tired of hobbying after painting 2,000 points of Space Wolves and playing so many game in such a small period of time. But I've been a "busy" bee these past few days and finally have some pictures to show. 

I know that I haven't really been showing my stuff as much on this blog. It has to do with the fact that I just never really had anything special to offer to the community. I'm not saying that by showing you my WIP Silensur Kommandos I am doing you a huge favor, but I feel like they are going somewhere. You know? You've probably noticed that the last handful of posts were either by Frozencore Joe or interviews/guest posts from 4chan. I guess you can say that they have inspired me to start slappin' some paint on models..

Da Silensurz!
I decided to paint my Silesurz kommandoz like I painted my orkz for Adepticon 2010. I really like the brighter, slightly irradiated/glowing skin tone for my Orkz. I also like highlighting and heavy dry-brushing to give ork shin that weathered look. After all they don't really use any lotion. 

This is my WIP so far:
All models are primed with Chaos Black primer. Too much of a pussy to try a different brand. 
Orkz always look like shit, before you start washing and fixing things. Keep that in mind.

"Ugh! I'm kovur'd in paint!"
First, the models are base-coated with Knarloc Green foundation paint. After the paint dries a heavy, slightly wet dry-brush of Goblin Green is painted all over the skin surface, followed by a light-to-medium dry-brush of Scorpion Green. This will give the skin a very bright, almost glowing look. The dry-brushing gives the skin a rugged, "tough" look. A very generous wash with Thraka Green bring everything together, tones down the brightness. Then you will apply a cautious, light dry-brush of Scorpion Green when everything is dry - focus on the facial features, top of the muscles, the fingers, etc. A glaze (very watered-down wash) of Devlan Mud is then painted in the recesses of the skin and also where the skin is too bright. Remember, we are painting Kommandos, so then need to be dulled down. 

Metal Bitz:
Simply base-coat Tin Bitz, then drybrush Chainmail and wash Badab Black. This is it for now.

Notice Killface's bandana. See the painted-in recesses?
Decided to do blue shirts, which was two parts Mordian Blue and some Chaos Black, If I am not mistaken. Then, instead of washing the blue I mixed some off same color with a lot of Chaos Black and started painting in the recesses, the folds, etc. Where there were no folds in the shirt I simply created some by painting them. What you want to do then is go around the folds that you painted with Mordian Blue, thus creating some depth.

Urban camo! Fenris Grey foundation paint all over! Then, grab some Chaos Black and start drawing pretty thick lines all over the paints. Don't be too smooth and fluid, be harsh and angular. Think of rubble. Then I grabbed Astronomicon Grey and started to paint little clusters of dots all over the pants. And then you wash the whole thing with Badab Black.

Othe Gubbinz: 
Leather is painted Calthan Brown - which means gloves, shoes, belts, straps. etc. Then wash Devlan Mud. 
Backpacks for now are painted Catachan Green, I believe. Later on I will paint Jungle camo on them.

 Naturally there's a lot left. Orkz are really hard to paint when you focus on a few models. The details never end.. I need to dirty-up the skin, paint more camo on weapons, skin, backpacks and then highlight it all. Of course basing the bases is also needed, but it will be the last thing I do. I need to go over some of the places where I slapa'd-da-paint too much.

Obviously very much WIP, but I figured some of you might find the process interesting enough.

Next time I will show you my Ogre Kingdoms models, but before that I have something else in store for you..


  1. Datz a dead killy paintjob ya got der bozz.

    Makes me look forward to paintin' my night goblins.

  2. Really great!
    I dont like Ork too much, but I must say that you make a REALLY AMAZING work!!
    The details are brilliant!

    Sorry if my english is not entirely appropriate...
    Greeting from Spain!!

  3. @Alviro: Let's see here..
    Gracias por tu opinion, Alviro. No es tan dificil, pero yo tengo que pintar los ojos, los dientes.. :P Man, I really need to work on my Spanish.

    I know you play Necrons, so it makes sense that you don't really like Orkz as our play-styles, looks and painting techniques necessary to paint our armies are very, very different. Necrons were actually one of the first armies that I learned how to defeat with my Orkz and I have to say that a Weirdboy with x30 Shoota Boyz, a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field (for that delicious 5+ cover save) and Snikrot with his Kommandoz have never failed me! :)

  4. Thanks for trying to speak Spanish! Hahahaha!

    I still I have little experience in wargamming, if I know anything of Orcs (my blog partner plays orks) is that I have to keep them away from my line troops, lasting for little or nothing ... (that was the first lesson I learned on the battlefield).

    Read about wargamming help me, I need experience and advice!

    By the way, stop by my blog! I have posted some pictures of my first Necron destroyers! To see what you think :)
    See you! ;)

  5. What makes or breaks Orks is their green skin, if you can do that right everything else will look fine. Also, their shirts are enchanted blue, not mordian, and they got highlighted by straight enchanted after the shadow layer. Don't forget stuff, ya Nob!


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