Thursday, November 18, 2010

New 40k Rulebook FAQ: Krumpin' mek got easier, Boss!

Now with more cheese!
Hear ye, hear ye! Check out the brand spankin' new Warhammer 40,000: RULEBOOK Official Update Version 1.1!! That's right! Finally we see a second wave of Frequently Asked Questions being answered and this update is gooooooood! From a myriad of obvious revelations to answering important questions about IC's and vehicles that have been in the grey area for years! With the release of Dark Eldar there are also a lot of clarifications about the way Skimmers are supposed to work.
What are you waiting for? Open the link already and print yourself a copy of the FAQ, then stick it in your Rulebook. You'll thank me later... ;P

And now....

Probably the most important question answered...

The Question that always starts arguments in my LGS and will, without a doubt change the way 40k is played..

Q: If a vehicle moved during its last Movement phase, but is immobilised by the time a model's initiative value is reached in close combat, what roll is needed to hit it?
A: It will be hit automatically!
There! It has been answered! We finally know what happens when you assault a vehicle that you immobilized in your Shooting phase. No longer is #4 on the Vehicle Damage table useless to you when you're assaulting the vehicle. This changes everything! I don't know about you, but I have been playing this the wrong way for more than a year and everyone I know - veteran players, hobby specialists and store managers have been telling me the same thing over and over again, even though it never made sense to me. Immobilizing a vehicle is now finally important during your phase. What does that mean?

This WILL have an effect on the current meta. Vehicles just got easier to destroy as long as you have a way of assaulting what just got immobilized. This also makes Power Fists, Power Klaws and Thunder Hammers so much better! Striking at Initiative 1 means that if your faster and weaker buddies manage to score any lucky glances that immobilize the vehicle before you get to hit, you will automatically hit it.
This is a huge buff to armies that need to assault in order to destroy vehicles.

Imagine this: You're playing Orkz and someone just moved more than 6 inches, hoping that you won't be able to do anything to his vehicle, because you'll need 6's to even hit. Your Boyz, lead by a Nob charge him anyways. Almost all attacks fail but a lucky Ork Boy manages to roll a 6 to hit, then rolls a 6 to glance and then a 6 to immobilize your opponent's vehicle. What does that mean? Well, for one - your Nob with a Power Klaw will be able to take advantage of the now immobilized vehicle and his three S9 attacks will automatically hit.
This is HUGE as it gives you a very good chance of destroying the vehicle. From needing 6's to even hit with your powerful attacks you now don't even need to roll, just see if you can roll that 2+ to penetrate. Otherwise it's just a glance. An AUTOMATIC glance. Hehehe..

Of course, this is awesome for all other armies, however Orkz won't care if they are on the receiving end of this new ruling, because their vehicles are already pathetically easy to krump.
Rolling those S4 attacks on your Marines now is even more important if you are carrying a Power Fist in the squad too. The few ranged vehicle-popping units that Tyranids have are even better now, because if they manage to glance and immobilze, the other members of the Hive Fleet will hit be hitting automatically on the same turn, instead of having to wait until the next opportunity.

Lots of interesting changes and answers in this FAQ, eh? What do you think about some of the new clarifications? Were they surprising to you?

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