Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP: Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf (Skarvald the Troll-faced)

Here are some quick shots I took of my current project - Skarvald the Troll-faced himself! Of course I still need to do some minor cleaning around his armor - mainly get rid of excess green stuff (especially the one I used to connect his Chaos Marauder Horseman's head with). He is not yet attached to Garfrost (his Thunderwolf) because I want to paint him separately. He is also going to be painted without his backpack for two reasons: 1) easier access to some spots on his power armor; 2) still need to finish and attach Harald Deathwolf's Great Company battle standard (also WIP) to his backpack.

"This is sticky tack beneath my arse, NOT a cushion!"

I like what he's turning out to be. This is my first conversion for a "special" character, especially an HQ choice. While there is not a whole lot of converting going on I really feel that the model is unique and has its own charisma when fielded on the tabletop. I think his expression shows his ferocity and eagerness to rip his opponent a new one AND the individualism that defines every Space Wolf.

In the game, Skarvald the Troll-faced is a Wolf Lord with the following upgrades:
- Thunderwolf Mount
- Frost Axe (Orc Warboss on Wyvern's big choppa) and a close combat weapon (his other sword)
- Belt of Russ
- Saga of the Beastslayer
- Runic Armor

This makes him 225 pts., which is almost comparable to some of the beefier Special Characters that the Space Wolves codex has. Is he worth the points? Yes. This brave Wolf Lord has survived the unthinkable and some opponents even remove their models before I roll for his attacks. He is that awesome. 7 S6 I5 W6 power attacks WRECK when he is hitting on 3's and wounding on 2's most of the time.

His saga is still being written. I am starting a little trend where if he survives a battle I'm going to write a little narrative of the encounter from his perspective. I already have one from my fatal match against Vince's Blood Angels but I'm waiting for some pictures before I sharing with you..

Notice the ale attached to Garfrost's shield!


  1. I like him. Where did you get the wolf? That isn't a mr dandy is it? Also, I used to run with the frost axe for a while until I kept bumping into dreadnaughts that just one shotted me off my dino and I couldn't answer back. I went to the thunderhammer and never turned back. But, thats mostly because in my thunder wolf list, I have no choice but to get the dreads in cc.... :)

  2. Hey, Cvinton! It actually IS a Mr. Dandy's wolf! :P Against Dreadnoughts I use my squads of Long Fangs. Or melta. Thunderwolves are amazing, but you have to point them in the right direction.


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