Thursday, November 4, 2010

WIP: Vindicator Narwhal and Optional Rules!

I already shared with you my desire to turn the old Vindicator I got into something more creative and fluffy, right? Well I have a thing for naming every vehicle in my army and once this bad boy was assembled I just had to name it Narwhal - a brutal monstrosity with a weapon that brings death to its enemies. Of course I had to figure out a way to make Vindicator Narwhal deserve its name.. So I used green stuff to come up with something that resembled a narwhal's cool facial horn.. At first I wanted to make a cover for its gun, but then I said to myself "Ah, what the heck! It can just shoot horn-shaped shells. Space Wolves would totally do that, right?"

Vindicator Narwhal
The narwhal's horn was created by twisting two horn-shaped pieces of green stuff together. I let it dry for 20-ish hours and then started coating it with super glue. I'd say I put 3 pretty heavy coats of it to make sure the narwhal horn was sturdy. It it simply glued in place inside the Demolisher Cannon. I'll probably end up using magnets to keep it in place as I'm afraid that it will break while I carry it around.

I even wrote down some fluff and optional rules for it. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll use it in a campaign or an Apocalypse game. 

Vindicator Narwhal
Vindicator Narwhal is the oldest vehicle and one of the few tanks of its caliber in Harald Deathwolf's Great Company. This venerable lumbering behemoth is one of a kind and its service brings great honor to those that fight beside it. Narwhal was first built as a prototype Vindicator whose Demolisher cannon was able to shoot standard shells and the specialized Narwhal krak missiles - ivory-hued horn-shaped shells that were to be used to flatten obstacles such as deep ice and icebergs by penetrating deep into its target and then exploding from within like an erupting volcano. The idea was that this type of ammunition would give the Vindicator a supporting role outside urban turf, especially on Fenris itself. Often used to destroy vast areas of ice to hinder the enemy's movement and deny flanks, Narwhal quickly became Deathwolf's favorite asset aside of his prized Thunderwolves. It was not until its special ammunition went through one of the frozen seas of Fenris and accidentally skewered and annihilated a kraken that Narwhal's true potential was unlocked. 
It is said that Ulrik the Slayer himself decided to test the tank's usefulness against other similar creatures. During a campaign against a Tyranid invasion the Vindicator did indeed prove useful against the thick carapace of Carnifexes and Trygons, its sharp torpedo-like ammunition penetrating deep and then showering the triumphant Space Wolves with the acidic gore of its prey. When it didn't prove fatal, the narwhal krak missiles stunned even the most ferocious of beasts, letting others to create their own sagas by dealing the finishing blow. Even nowadays Harald's personal manufactorum produces the unique shells, letting Vindicator Narwhal to continue its excellent service in his Great Company. 
Yet, it still remains a prototype.

Vindicator Narwhal........................................... 170 points
BS4 F13 S11 R10

*Composition: 1 Vindicator (Unique)
*Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)

Demolisher cannon
Storm bolter
Smoke launchers
Siege shield

May take any of the following:
Storm bolter...................................................5 points
Hunter-killer missile......................................10 points
Extra armour................................................10 points

Narwhal Krak Missiles: In addition to its standard Demolisher Cannon, this Vindicator has a unique set of ammunition that is especially effective against Monstrous Creatures.
Range                    Strength             AP                          Type
    36''                           8                    2                  Heavy 1, Beastlayer*

*Rerolls to wound against walkers, monstrous creatures or models with Toughness of 5 or more. Unsaved wounds from the Narwhal Krak Missile count as wounds inflicted by a thunder hammer.


  1. Thank you. It all came to me as I was writing it! :P

  2. A masterful conversion, highlighted by a neigh-perfect horn. By the gods, who could have created such an astounding and accurate representation of mammalian sea creature weaponry!?

  3. It was all me, Joe. ALL. ME.
    Seriously, though - thanks for the help!

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