Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dark Eldar Release

Well the glorious day is finally here, and to say that I am really excited would be an understatement. While I keep a calm face in my normal life on the inside it is all (black, vindictive, and decadent) unicorns and rainbows (created by light passing through the blood of enemies of the dark eldar).

I received my first models on Thursday, and I have been assembling almost non-stop since then. As I work with a feverish determination created by 9 long years of waiting, I have come across a few issues. Firstly, the raiders take an incredible amount of time to put together. I mean it verges on insanity. The first two I put together in the company of my friends, and while I took two breaks for lunch and dinner I worked from around 1pm to 1 am and completed only two raiders. Yeah two raiders in about twelve hours (plus time for chit chat and eating). The second two only took around 2-3 hours each, but that still seems overly time consuming.

The warrior squads (of which I am on the second) put together longer than their craftworld cousins, and they are the only models I have ever put together that have a "butt plate" that you need to glue on.

Even though each an every model takes a lot of time to assemble it really is a joy to see them come together. I must say that all of the figures in the range are really amazing works of art. As my army continues to grow I keep getting more and more impressed by the quality of the miniatures. My old warriors look foolish in comparison with their newer cousins, and while I had initially considered mixing my old raiders in with the new, as they are still decent models, the more I look at the detail work the more I feel I should have nothing but the new kits.

My new codex force won't be entirely made up of the new GW kits, as my converted wyches will still remain. I actually plan to convert at least a few more units like a Voidraven Bomber, some Wracks, and a few Haemonculi. The bomber is on the back seat, as it seemed to really under-perform in it's first outing. The wracks, however, did fairly well, and I can see a place for them in my force.

The Wracks will be a huge endeavor on my part as I plan to put 5 different kits to use, and add copious amounts of green stuff and plasticard. For those of you who don't know Wracks are more or less humanoid creations of a mad scientist. Complete with disproportionate bare chests, hook, various sharp bits, faceless masks/helmets, tattered robes, and wires they are truly an intimidating and horrible opponent to face.
The picture alone had me "hooked" so I quickly brainstormed up some ideas. So far I am going with Empire Flagellant legs and arms, Ungor Torsos, Chaos Warrior and Wych helmets, Dark Elf Corsair Weapons, various extra bits from the Raider and Warrior sprues, and of course plasticard, green stuff and wire. It will be a lot of work, so I will post my progress as I go.

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