Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adepticon 2011, Part II: Da Loot!

Hehe, I bet you can't wait for the actual tournament coverage.. Trust me, I can't wait to type it.. But for now, lets see what I spent my cash-money-dollars on! After all.. loot is pretty important.

Adepticon Poster and T-Shirt
We're starting with the old Adepticon poster everyone got for free with their swag bags or during registration. Not sure if I like the white on he top and bottom of it, but I was too lazy to play with the scissors when I taped it to my wall. It now sits next to my Games Workshop Academy Diploma. Ah, they don't make them anymore.. $5 also got me the 2009 Adepticon T-shirt with the exact same design. It was pretty much a steal..

x2 Bags with 5 Kroot on Spue
On Sunday I was able to snag these bad boys at a discounted price. There were a bunch of bags and I just knew that there were Kroot lurkin' around. Standard GW price is $35 for 16 of 'em, so that's a nice deal right there, right? I'm going to be collecting a small Kroot Mercenary Special Operations: Killzone team, but that's going to be only in the near future. I was thinking one or two with wings, a few sniper guys, a hunter followed by two Kroot Hounds. Can't wait to see what comes out of them..

Assorted Bitz!
$9 got me some nifty bitz! I got the top part of a Fantasy Orc Boyz banner, a chained snotling from an unknown kit, two sets of Sisters of Battle wings (for trading, possibly for flying Vulturekin Kroot) and a painted Space Wolves Rune Priest in Terminator Armor ($17 value!) that's missing his storm bolter arm. I also picked up a GW cube of green dice for like $6.60, because all of my friends tend to agree that green dice roll better and I lost most of mine. Plus, my local store never got any new shipments of green dice..

Micro Art Studio's Forest Bases and Engima's Ulkurz
Frozencore Joe persuaded me to check out Engima's miniatures and if I had to choose between GW's miniature line and their before I got addicted to 40k I would have chosen Engima. Simply superb. I quickly picked up Ulkurz who at 32mm is just big enough to pass as a Savage Orc Warboss. I'll just have to get rid of that shield he's carrying and give him a suitable second hand weapon for more choppiness. Adn warpaint. Lots and lots of warpaint. I also asked the vendor if he could recommend me a base for the model, simply because the selection was so big. I wanted something to make him stand out, make him even bigger and scarier without being too cliche and at the end I decided to pick up
Micro Art Studio's 25x25mm Forest Bases.

Autographed "Prospero Burns" by Dan Abnett
Next is definitely a very valuable item! While I was walking around the vendor's area I saw a familiar face. And whaddaya know, Dan Abnett was there, signing books. And he looked lonely. So, just like any good Space Wolf player would have done in my power shoes I asked him to sign "Prospero Burns" for me! I have yet to read it and I still need to get my "Thousand Sons" on, but eventually I will. I'm planning to give away my first copy of Prospero Burns. Not sure if people would be interested.

Gale Force Nice Massive Wound Markers
 These always come in handy, especially if you are a Wound Allocation Jerk like me!

Special Operations: Killzone cards
Got myself a set of the Secondary Objective and Fate cards for the Special Operations: Killzone game. These bad boys are Superior POD's doing and look pretty sweet. Brian was kind enough to save a set for me
and I can't wait to open them for my first game of Killzone at the FLGS. Price was a bit steep at $25 but I realize that the supply was limited. Besides, they look friggin' sweet-tastic! I also got one of the printed out rule booklets after the Killzone event, which was neat. I really cannot stress how much I want to play this game. It's like a breath of fresh air... of awesomeness.

Adepticon 2011 T-shirt
I've been having a lot of fun collecting shirts from various conventions and events and this one is no exception. the gray color is a nice touch and the logo is beautiful. Also, I was extremely lucky to pick up the very last XL T-shirt on Sunday. Kind of awesome, right?

Battle Foam P.A.C.K. 720
P.A.C.K 720, also known as the "Arm and a leg splurge". I had to, I just had to. I'm sooo sick of Citadel cases barely holding my stuff with only one of the latches remaining. Or.. you know, with spiders living inside them. My current way to carry miniatures has been 2 Citadel cases (both with the left latch missing): One for Warhammer 40,000 and one for Warhammer Fantasy. I try and cram my rulebook, codices and dice and stuff. If I'm going to play, I put both of them in a Aldi bag and plop a metal foam case with my vehicles in it. Otherwise it's one case and a small tool/tackle box with my paints and hobby supplies. The 720 is going to be able to fit all of them.. hopefully. Plus I've got some cool iron-on patches from various events that I can't wait to decorate it with.

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