Thursday, December 30, 2010

Join our WoW guild!

Time for some advertisement and some non-Warhammer related jibba-jabba!

With the release of World of Warcraft: Caraclysm, me an a bunch of my friends decided to play again. We wanted something new and fresh, so we began from level 1, on a new server. A PvP server nonetheless! I have to say, leveling a new character through the Shattered Azeroth is so much fun. A totally new experience with amazing new quests.

We are playing on Horde side on the Laughing Skull server, which is located in Chicago. It is a PvP server and I encourage you to give it a try, since there is nothing better than ganking Alliance players when you are bored from questing. Our guild name is   and all of the guild ranks are inspired from the Adeptus Astartes. Neophyte, Initiate, Battle Brother, Veteran, Captain, Chapter Master (we have Master of the Fleet, Master of the Arsenal, Master of the Recruits, Master of the Forge, etc.) and finally I am the Grand Master.

Our ranking system is actually pretty sweet and is focused on proving your dedication to the guild by donating gold, participating in events, recruiting and leveling your professions. There are also tons of nifty rituals tied to each one. For example, the rank of Captain is given to people who are considered to be the most experienced in their class (Hunter Captain, Warrior Captain..) and each Captain creates his own 5-man team capable to run instances. A Captain is responsible for his squad to be ready for raids or events and is expected to answer class-specific questions. In guild Battleground runs each squad is supposed to move as a whole and follow the Captain's lead. Someone can always challenge a Captain's rank if they meet the prerequisites. They must also defeat each member of the squad in a duel.

We are still a young guild in need of any and all classes. When we get enough people we will be doing tons of PvP and raiding. I'd like to consider a casual guild with the main purpose of experiencing the new content in all ways possible.

If you are interested, my Goblin Hunter's name there is Squighoppa.

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