Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kustom Ork Apocalypse Datasheet: Magnokinetik Lifta Wagon Battery

The Lifta-Droppa has always been my favorite thing about my Stompaz. It is so fluffy, so.. Orky and is always so much fun to use during a nice game of Apocalypse.  Once I heard about the option to field a Battlewagon (the Lifta Wagon featured in IA 8 - Raid on Kastorel-Novem) equipped with a Lifta-droppa my jaws did some dropping of their own. I just had to do a formation that would combine the powers of a few lifta-droppas. Just... had... to. It is a pretty expensive formation, given that Lifta Wagons are like 225 pts. each...

Tell me what you think..

Magnokinetik Lifta Wagon Battery                                                               Points: 150 + MODELS
Fascinated with the utility and unlimited power of magno-traktor beams a Big Mek once gave birth to the idea of combining the charges of numerous lifta-droppas "just ta see wut happenz". Already, mounting lifta-droppas on top of Battlewagons or "Lifta Wagons" was a very popular (although extremely dangerous and reckless!) practice, but he craved for something bigger and flashier. He was not prepared for the charge of the traktor beams to rip out all of his cybork implants, however. 

The Magnokinetik Lifta Wagon Battery features a squadron of at least three Lifta Wagons lead by a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field daring enough to control this weapon of wanton destruction. Able to combine their tractor beams, the Lifta Wagons are capable of moving mountains of junkyard crap: naturally even multiple vehicles and Super Heavies are not safe. Operating withing the protection of their own magnetic field, the Lifta Wagon Battery is a valuable asset to any Waaaagh!

3+ Lifta Wagons
1 Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field
One Lifta Wagon must be designated as the command tank. The Big Mek rides in it!


Don't Kross Da Beamz! - The combined force of many traktor beams is truly devestating and just like most Ork teknology it defies all laws of physics, all logic and most of all - all sense. The Lifta Wagons focus their lifta-droppas at a target designated by the Big Mek and created a gigantic magnetic field that could move mountains of scrap metal and all sorts of random junk including any soon-to-be-lifted-and-then-dropped-from-the-skies enemy vehicles.

                                                      Range             STR        AP                          Special
Magnokinetik Traktor Beam       48"                     -            -         Apocalyptic barrage (*). Lifta-droppa

All vehicles (even wrecked ones), vehicle squadrons, Super Heavies and small pieces of terrain that would normally be affected by powerful magnetic fields (tank traps, barbed wires, barrels) even partially touched by the Apocalyptic Barrage are treated as being hit by a Lifta-droppa. The standard rules apply and all vehicles must move the exact same distance in the direction of the scatter die. Super Heavies only suffer d3 glancing hits. Roll separately for the number of glancing hits on each vehicle.

*: The Magnokinetic Traktor Beam has a barrage rating of 1+1 per Lifta Wagon in the formation withing 12" of the Big Mek's command tank.

Ferromagnetik Force Shield - The Big Mek's own Kustom Force Field is drawing from the powerful energy supply of the Lifta Wagons and when combined with the magnetic field produces a unique form of protection. For all intensive purposes, the Ferromagnetic Force Shield counts as a Kustom Force Field. When a template weapon is targeting a unit within the range of the Ferromagnetic Force Field, roll a d6. On a 4+ reflect the shot from the place it hit up to 24'' in a random direction. In addition, during the Shooting phase you may choose not to shoot some of the Lifta-Droppas to increase the range of the Ferromagnetic Force Shield by d3 inches until your next turn.

Strike Force:  All units in the Magnokinetic Lifta Wagon Battery must be deployed within 12" of the command tank, or, if coming on from reserve they must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the command tank.


  1. It doesn't sound bad to me--especially considering the base cost of the models. I typically don't like home-made formations as they often equate to (ok, I have to pay 50 points more, but every model in my army gets FNP, a 2++, and furious charge! But hey... I had to pay 50 points!).

    The only issue I'd take with this particular list is the reflection. Doesn't the Big Mek field provide a 5+ cover save? The way the datasheet is phrased it would give the bonus to ALL cover saves (so somehow hiding behind a tree would increase the odds of the shot reflecting?). Aside from that, it looks good to me.

  2. Yeah, the wording was a little wonky, so I decided to change it. A Kustom Force Field gives 5+ to non-vehicle units and a 4+ to vehicles. Now if a template weapon is targeting a unit within the range of the Ferromagnetic Force Shield, on a 4+ the shot becomes reflected before it can do any damage.


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