Friday, February 3, 2012

Update Time! Now with even more Linguistics!

Hey there!
Just stopping by to announce that I have not yet kicked the bucket..
A new semester has started and I am officially back to school over at the nearby college, which means limited time for posting and hobbying. Actually, now that I think about it.. it's not so bad. It's just when you add a part-time job to it things can get a little silly. And my writing skills are now used for writing papers.
Frozencore Joe is in the same boat. 

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It's a good thing, though. I had forgotten how much I liked learning! ESPECIALLY when one is taking interesting classes. I also finally bit the bullet and changed my major to the one thing that I enjoy the most - Linguistics. I have the take a handful of personality and skill tests to figure out which branch of Linguistics I should pursue... but as long as it's in that field I really don't care. Plus! I've got a few ideas of future Linguistics-related careers I'd like to pursue. I didn't really have that with my previous major. It was just.. a major.

Don't you worry, though! Just because I'm not posting it doesn't mean that I'm not doing hobby stuff. I just haven't posted about it!

1. We are working really hard on finalizing the Codex: Operatives/Errata rules 100%. They are currently at 99.5% and a new, fresh way of questions have been recently coming our way. They will be addressed.
2. We are also working on a few super secret and sweet items for Killzone - stuff that we'll have before and during the Adepticon 2012 event, but I'm not at liberty to say what they are at the moment. *cough*
3. The Gentlemen will be hopefully meeting this weekend as well. And by Gentlemen I mean the Chi-town branch of the Special Operations: Killzone crew - Brian from A Gentleman's Ones, Frozencore Joe and yours truly! This time we'll be talking tables and actually slapping some paint on some components that we know we'll need for sure. You know, things to do while we are working on the concepts art and sketches for the ten tables we are making. Brian and I will keep you up to date on those. It's something I'm willing to delay writing a paper for (.. aaaand a scolding coming from Brian in 3..2...1...).
4. The Space Wolves Achievements are almost done, folks! Now is your time to go take a look and submit your suggestions/recommendations/corrections to the list. I am extremely happy with the way it turned out and in a week or so, if time permits, I will attempt to create a "fancy" .pdf file for you with all the achievements, neat boxes next to each one and pictures. Hopefully you'll be able to simply download and print it and then being your boasting!
5. Remember the Land Raider Achilles that I had ordered before? Well. It, the Land Raider Space Wolves doors AND the Land Raider Spaced Armor arrive a few weeks ago. I did have to pester Forge World for a new set of doors because I had the wrong facings and I did mess-up with the sponsons, so I had to order a specific bit, wait for that to arrive and then glue it anew. They all arrived a few days ago, though and right now my Land Raider Achilles is.. 80% done? I need to built the Twin-linked Multi-melta sponsons, but I'm going to need Green Stuff to "glue" them in a sense, because it's an awkward fit. After that I'll have to build and glue the Vindicator Siege Shield on it, add like the top hatch.... Oh, and Green Stuff. There are a bunch of small gaps where you would expect them to be on a resin-plastic conversion kit. And then I guess I need to add a few Space Wolves iconography and other Fenris-related jib-jabs on it. So I guuuuuesss It's actually only... 75% done? Oh, well. With all the things to consider it really isn't a kit to build in one sitting. Oh, God, just wait until It's time to put paint on it. THEN it'll be crazy.

What's that? You want WIP photos? *sigh* Fiiiiiiiiine.

OH MAN! I haven't told you the name of it, have I? HA! See if you can figure it out. I'll be painting the following runes on it once the time is right. 

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