Friday, February 3, 2012

Something BIG is Coming!

My love of Warmachine and Hordes has not really been documented on this blog until now, so let me just say I LOVE PRIVATEER PRESS. Yes, I realize that this is "Wolves for the Wolf God," and while I do enjoy werewolf space vikings, every time Privateer Press does something new I just kind of applaud them for their effort.

The new thing this time is "Colossals." Giant mega-warjacks that tower over their (what I used to think was large) cousins. More impressive, though, is how they were announced. You can see the first two models and the idea behind their inception on youtube. It just shows me again what a great company Privateer really is; these guys get it. When I first heard of the Colossals, I was curious as to what they were, what did they look like, how would they play, and really how big was colossal anyway? In the video they answered all of my questions answered a few more that I didn't ask, but should have, and left me wanting to see and know more. That is exactly how a release like this should be done. After watching the video I was even more excited than I started, which is precisely the kind of buzz a new release from a company needs. I hope that other miniature manufacturers will take stock of all the sorts of innovations that PP does and try to apply them to their own business model. Yes, I have seen videos like this from other companies, but they didn't have as much of an impact as this one. It all really seems to boil down to Privateer Press' business model of rewarding, supporting, and caring about their community, rather than just trying to squeeze every penny out of them.

I must say that I am not usually the one with news like this first (or even second), but this release took me quite by surprise. It was only a few months ago that Warmachine and Hordes both had the giant battle engines added to their roster, and now Privateer seeks to up the ante even farther. I imagine the models will be both expensive to the wallet and army list. Balance between factions and between models in the same faction is something that is taken very seriously, so I imagine they will cost around 18-20 or so points considering they have two cards worth of damage boxes. Wow, just insane. I will definitely have to plan for facing one of them in the future, and taking down a model with that much health has me baffled so far.

I am certainly looking forward to the offerings that the Circle of Orboros and Retribution of Scyrah receive. For a long time the druids over in the Circle forums have been wondering when the gigantic Woldwrath will see the table, and now it looks like the time is finally here. Of course we will probably have to wait until next fall, as all the releases from the last book aren't out yet, but it is something to look forward to. I only saw it for a second or two, but the Ret Colossal looks a bit better than the magical cricket that we received in the Wrath book.

I am super excited for the future of this ever-expanding game. Go check it out even if you don't play Warmachine!

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  1. Wait! Whaat? An article by Frozencore Joe. Unbelievable. And what a pleasant surprise.
    I'm glad to be the one to announce the news to ya, man. I'm really super excited to get my hairy Bulgarian hands on the Conquest. It might even inspire me enough to actually paint my Khador army!


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