Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puppets War's newest release - Orc Da Plane

That's right, ladies and gentleman's ones, it is Da Plane by Puppets War. A model that I have been expecting for a while now and honestly it is just what I needed. But I'll let the picture convince you first:

ORC DA PLANE - $26.31
Set contains 1 complete Orc Da Plane model which includes: 
Plane main body, 1 gun, rocket launcher attachments, machine gun attachments, cockpit, chainsaw, flight stabilizer and highly detailed pilot model. Designed to fit 28 mm tabletop war games scale. Supplied un-assembled and unpainted.

All da parts: Machine guns, cockpit, chainsaw, flight stabilizer and pilot
It's just such a beautiful model and it's original enough that it could be used for a myriad of Orky things. Is it a Deffkopa? A mini-Ork Fight Boma or perhaps something completely different? Too bad Deffkoptas cannot have a Nob leading them because Da Plane would be the perfect Nob Deffkopa.. Honestly though, the model is distinctive and inspiring enough that I woudn't be opposed to, you know, creating some homebrew rules for it. Perhaps a Deffkopa Special Character (Da Red Baron?) or even an Orky HQ character that flies around on his kustomized plane? 

He COULD be the leader of my 100 Deffkopas idea..

Price-wise it is going to be ~$30 with shipping, which is not a bad price. You get all this resin, a unique-looking model with a few options, which you could use on other Orky models. It's totally worth it. Compare this to Games Workshop's metal Deffkopa model, which is $33 and probably the last metal model that's supposed to be on a flying stand..  Hm. That's what's missing - a flying stand. I wonder if that's a part of the model or not? Probably not, but they are cheap and everyone has a few of those just laying around.

Da Pilot is a KAMIKAZE!!!
I'll buy one as soon as possible and will probably Orkify it a little bit by slapping some extra Ork plates, bitz and pieces to bring it closer to the current Ork range. Plus, if a Codex can get away with using 3rd party models for conversions it's the Ork Codex.... because Orkz are cool like that.

What do you guys think about this model? Would you buy one for yourself or a friend of yours?


  1. That is awesome! I wish we had a size comparison, but I would use it as a deff copta. The thing with Orks is that all of their equipment should look like one-offs. Orks don't have assembly lines, so everything should be one of a kind. If I had an Ork army, I would buy this guy to make my deff coptas look a little more hand made.

  2. I forgot you were the maniac who wanted the 100 deffkopta squad. Looks like you found your leader, haha.

  3. @Anon: A maniac? A MANIAC? MANIAC!?!?!

    Yeah... I suppose you are right. :P


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