Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still alive! Special Operations: KILLZONE UPDATE!

Ho-hummm! No worries, ladies and gentlemen - I am still alive. Just been busy with live and a super-secret-project-which-I-will-reveal-to-you-in-a-second-or-two..

Let me just tell you what I've been doing/working on lately, then..
  • The battle reports from the Gentleman's Grand Tournament will continue. I have the second game 40% done, but typing my opponent's I.G list is seriously too daunting a task and I'm too lazy to scan it, even though the scanner is 2 feet away from me.  Here's a sneak-peek:
  • Been playing my Orkz again! Me and "Frozencore" Joe started a map-based campaign at our GW store with custom-made rules and a sweet map. Just been too busy to post about it, that's all.
  • Purchased a box of Widowmakers for my Khador army! 
  • With Secret Santa in our GW store I spent a bunch of money on the person I drew this year. He's a good friend of mine, but this year I seriously had one of those "Should I really buy him this overpowered unit which is going to kick my ass?" moments. I didn't end up getting him that unit, after all, but I'm sure he'll be happier with the alternative. 
  • By the way our GW store has a new Store Operator now and there have been changes all around - some for better, some for worse. 
    1. Less tables. We went from 5 tables to 3 playable tables with terrain. The other two are now Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 demo/display tables. 
    2. No more free Citadel Paint Carrousel to use at the paint bar. I'm pretty sure we were the last store to have one and that was because we had our own super-secret-fridge and kept on donating soda-money to refuel the carrousel. 
    3. There will be more changes, without a doubt, but change is not always a bad thing. Our community is still strong, but now we have more reasons to prove it. 
And now for the secret-project.. 

I've been working with "Frozencore" Joe, Brian from A Gentleman's Ones and of course Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames have been seriously working on the new Killzone "Edition".
Seriously, dudes, we've been working hard on this epic project. From Errata, to Rules, Missions and Deployments, we've been trying to balance things and make the game faster, more brutal and yet rewarding for the scheming individuals. I am not going to spoil too much, but expect results soon. Like.. around Thanksgiving day soon.
  • Yes, this will include the much anticipated Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle and Necrons Erratas and Rules. 
  • Yes, this will include the demanded Inquisitorial Henchman Errata and the possibility to field your very own Inquisitor in KILLZONE!
And that's.. NOTHING!
If you managed to be a part of the Killzone experience at this year's Adepticon you were probably impressed by the sweet tables that Brian made. Heck, even if you couldn't participate, I bet you've seen them all over the internet. Seriously, Google is your friend.
I also bet you've stumbled upon the Heroes of Armageddon event at Games Day Chicago 2011 and the even sweeter tables that Brian made! You haven't? Google is your friend!

And now.. for next years Adepticon 2012 event we'll be making... TEN TABLES
Yep. Ten (10) of 'em. All 3 by 3.
What is going to be on them, what the concept art is and how we're going to accomplish this... I don't know. But we'll do it. Also, Brian is a madman. ;D


  1. I am honestly stoked to read the new rules! And the tables Brian makes are amazing, so I will be interested to see what he comes up with for this year.


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