Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Necrons Scarabs ate my PC! Let us celebrate with a KILLZONE GIVEAWAY!

So yesterday I was the witness of a mysterious virus, which managed to delete every single file inside my computer.. Not cool, Necrons. Not cool. Keep your gimmicky canoptek-scarab-swarm-beast-things away from my PC! ;_;

Oh well! Fresh start!

Check out Gentleman's Ones for a sweet, mega, ultra, super-duper G~I~V-E~A~W~A~Y!


And all you have to do is play! Man, winning a Stormraven has never been easier. You don't have to buy, built, convert, prime, paint OR base ANYTHING. All we are asking of you is to download the FREE Killzone Rules and play as many games as you can. We need all the feedback we can, dudes! 

Wait a second.. Can I participate in this? Would it be.. okay? Because I'll play the !@#$% out of Killzone then.... XD Not that not being able to win a Stormraven will stop me from playing, of course. I love this game. 

 And so should you! :)  

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