Monday, July 5, 2010

Wolf Pack, baby!

Hi, there. My name is Vlad and this little puppy here is my new blog. Here, I plan to report the progress of my new Space Wolves army, especially since they are headed down the Road to Adepticon 2011!

I am relatively new to the hobby with less than a year and a half of experience and my first army was Orkz. I still love them, but I have always had a soft spot for our lupine friends and when the new Space Wolves Codex came out I shrieked like a little girl.

I know, I know. I know what you're already thinking:

"In the name of Russ! Yet another Space Wolves blog? Can't I just head to the ultimate Space Wolves blog and win?"
Well.. you could, but then you'd just be reading about a fraction of the hobby potential that the SW codex has. Every hobbyist is different - from their various fluff reasons to start an army, their assembling, painting and actual gaming. Right? Well, I just happen to be one of them.

About me: As I said before, my name is Vladimir or just Vlad for short. I am a colllege student, just turned 20 and game and hobby at our local GW store at the Deer Grove plaza in Palatine, IL. My first taste of competitive, tournament-oriented gaming was over at Adepticon 2010 where I partook in the Team Tournament with an army of Speed Freekz called "Mork Protects" and finished overal 35th! Other than that I am a very casual player that likes to dispense indiscriminate justice with my Orkz and now my beloved Wolves. I got into the hobby as soon as our local store opened and I've been hanging out at "Geedub", which just happens to be like the only good place for hanging out in my little suburban town. More to come.. : )

Stay tuned for pictures of my army as I build and paint more members of the glorious Space Wolves AND batreps as I crush those who dare cross my path!


  1. I got your comment and came to take a look! I appreciate your interest in what I've got to say and really look forward to seeing what you're throwing out here for all of us to see :)


  2. Whoa! First comment! Thanks for stopping by. I will also be watching over your shoulder and hopefully I'll see some new stuff over at your blog!




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