Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Empire unit: Demigryph Knights

Well, it's about time for the heroes of Mankind to receive some reinforcements.
 I'm guessing the Empire was just sick of seeing all these fancy dual-monster kits and the outrageous monstrous cavalry units given to some of their worst enemies. Apparently, though, in the Warhammer universe becoming better and more elite as a unit is not achieved through training or even by acquiring new weapons or a bigger, shinier codpiece. No, it's all about getting a new epic mount.... I guess.

So without further ado...

Demigryph Knights

I guess they look pretty cool. I mean, they are definitely not Mournfang Cavalry because the Empire already has a bunch of cavalry units, so nothing exclusive there. What do you give to an army that has pretty much everything, right? So there yo go, dear Empire players.


  1. those squared lances look mean. Colour me intrigued at the idea of cavalry halberds, seeing as halberds were designed for repelling cavalry..

  2. It does tend to be the horses that roll better and do more damage in combat, so I guess the theory works! When I heard about these, I thought they were going to be a unit of flying cavalry, basically tougher pegasus knights. Glad to hear they're not.


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