Saturday, July 9, 2011


Comrades, you are to listen to this march while reading this post.  
The Khadoran War Machine demands it

Now that you're listening to some good ole classics from the Motherland let me show you what finally arrived to its destination. After some Soviet-style backlogs, delays and shenanigans the precious parcel is finally in my possession! Enter...

.. the perfect choice indeed, comrade. The perfect choice indeed.

After almost 20 days of waiting I finally can marvel at the Khador Battlegroup deal I ordered during the Privateer Press 10th Anniversary deal-thing and let me tell you one thing, ladies and gentlemen - The wait?

 Honestly, I've never been so excited to open a box of plastic dudemen, except maybe for my shipment of Mr. Dandy's Thunderwolves. That was also pretty exciting. But I digress.. I actually walked to and from the post office, around noon, under the scorching midday sun just to get my parcel. Wearing black. Uphill. Barefoot. Both ways. ;P I just can't wait to get some magnets to start magnetizing my warjacks.. Just. Can't. Wait. A friend of mine already has his Trollbloods mostly painted and has a few games under his belt, but it won't be enough to deal with some cold, tempered Khadoran steel. I am looking at you, Little Nolan Aximand.

Included in the parcel was a note with an extra Warcaster Kommander Sorscha card, signed by Creative Director Ed Bourelee and Director of Business William Shick, because due to overwhelming demand they ran out of the Privateer Press dice portion of the Starter Bundle.
Um.... Worth it! I will eventually have to get some sweet cutom Khadoran dice, but for now I will use my Citadel green lucky dice to pummel the enemies of the Khadoran Empire! To the ground, baby! Pummel them to the ground. Especially the Cygnaran pig-dogs and the Protectorate Bible thumpers.

And a close-up to make you jealous.
Microwave not included.
I still haven't opened the little baggies to inspect the various bitz and pieces, but for now everything looks okay. There are mold lines, but that is to be expected after all. I already have a few fluff and concept ideas, including an interesting new kind of paint to add to the mix, but for now I will go ahead and magnetize the various parts and play a dozen games to see what works and what does not. There are some units that I'm just itching to try out, but lets not forget that I need to learn how the Khadoran Warmachine works before I try and modify it. That's right. Modify it. In your bionically-augmented face, Adeptus Mechanicus!

Oooh! Oooh! I also got some nifty tokens!

So.. yeah. I guess I am starting Warmachine. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my journey as much as I hope to enjoy building, painting and playing with Privateer Press' fantastic models. That will due until Games Workshop releases Finecast Vostroyan models, pig, that will do.


  1. Best faction ever, I run ebutcher that's how I envisage khador. Good luck!

  2. At last. get some glue to plastic... we've got some business, you and I.

    (willfully ignoring the line about the Protectorate).

  3. Aww, but I wanted an army of plastic men and a microwave ;.;

    To go with my recent purchase of a stereo that came with a pack of chiklets ;p

  4. So is this Warmachine part of Warhammer or a completely different game?

  5. Azmael, Warmachine is a game produced by a company called Privateer Press, and it is a completely different game than Warhammer.

    Soon, Vlad, soon, we will do battle, and when we do, the Big Blue Wreckin' Crew will rip the arms off your warjacks and proceed to use them to beat your puny human warcaster to a painful death! For Kith and Kriel!

  6. I love WH and its universe but when i saw some models on a table couple of days ago i was like GOD DAMN! Those robots are AWESOME!
    Warmachine>Warhammer lolz

  7. WM is such a viscerally satisfying game. My work gaming group pretty much abandoned WHFB when they discovered WM about three years ago.

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