Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Da Odd Boy Out!

Wuz dat, Bozz? We can call da Waaagh on da first turn??

AND we can Waaagh evry turn we wants to unless we'z decide ta fight and krump each uvur? We can hav as many Boyz in da mob as we wants to? We take less time ta moov!!?
Wait. Wut do yer mean "No dakka"??? I can't use my shoota? WE'Z NEED MOAR DAKKA!

Hehe. My friends Will and John were playing a friendly Warhammer Fantasy battle - Orcs versus the Empire. I just happened to have a single painted Ork Boy with a Shoota from my painted 1,000 pt. Adepticon list and I decided to have some fun. The boy was subbing for this unit's champion and although I only managed to see the first turn of the game, this unit was the only one that managed to call a Waaagh.
And it was totally because of their future cousin.

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