Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm back! Read this!

Blah, blah, blah, you've read this here already and you've encountered similar posts on other blogs and websites scattered across this neat, little thing we call the Internet, haven't you? Well, no worries. I'm keeping this short.

I've been absent, but I am alive. I'm back, but will be here less frequently. Why? Because I would like to give this blog a purpose and I want to give you guys only quality. Quality over quantity.
It has been a while, though. Here are some confessions to make in the meantime.

I still haven't played a real game of Warhammer 40,000 in 6th Edition. At all. I still have all of my Space Wolves and Orkz, but I just haven't had the chance.. OR the desire. Nearby GW and GW store has been changing faster than a a Cloudfin Raptor in a Simic-themed Evolve deck. Seriously, fuck that guy. And YES, I'm been dabbling in Magic: The Gathering, because it's a cool game and I'm good at it.

Honestly, though, my "6th Fu" is so bad that when a friend of mine asked me if I could sub for him at Adepticon 2013's Team Tournament I just couldn't do it. No experience, man. I didn't even go to Adepticon 2013.

Just in general, I suppose, my hobby has been lacking and in a dire need of a reboot. I tried to Warmachine rather than 40k and that worked for a while.

But I want my 40k, man. Which is why I'm back.

So what will I be focusing this time around?

A new army.
Well, sort of.

I will take you, guys, through the process of creating this new army. I will share with you my thoughts and ideas, my reasoning and believes behind all the decisions and concepts that I stick with and will inevitably ask for your very own contribution, ideas and suggestions to make this list better, stronger.. and even FLUFFIER. It's time to build ourselves.. AN ALPHA LEGION LIST!

Stay tuned. A new post will follow this one shortly.
Until then... stick around. Go get yourself a drink or something.


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