Sunday, June 10, 2012

Black Ivan Down

Today I decided to work on my Black Ivan model, which was supposed to be my entry for the Lost Hemisphere's new monthly Paint the Target challenge
I was all excited about finally painting Harkevich's favorite 'jack.

Primed it black, using Privateer Press' Formula P3 Black Primer.
That's Negro Imprimador in Spanish for you, folks. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it?  
Wait a second.. I thought the adjective was supposed to be after the noun..

It was my first time priming with a P3 Primer and I was anxious at first. The weather outside was pretty hot, I suppose and it was slightly windy, but after shaking the can for ~1 minute I started priming and everything seemed alright.. The primer went on very smoothly and dried fast just like GW's (more expensive) Chaos Black Primer.
I was originally supposed to pick up a cheap-o Flat Black Krylon primer, but the nearby store was out of it, so I picked P3's Primer instead...

I started painting, following Hand Cannon Online's Tutorial: Basics – Back in Black: Painting Black Armour. I covered the model with a nice coat of Thamar Black (also my first P3 paint!) and started with the first coat of two-brush blending Coal Black on the armor plates, when I realized that I need a better brush for the actual blending part. So then I decided to start with the foundation for the rusty metal parts. There were a few spots that were difficult to reach with the sponges, so I decided to use a stippling brush.

And then when I applied slightly more pressure... the paint.. and the primer came straight off, revealing the grey resin/plastic underneath. Applying pressure with the tip of my fingernails also scratched the paint and got rid of the primer. I don't know what to think of it..

Was it the weather? Was it the primer? Did I not wait long enough for the primer to dry?

I suppose I should have cleaned the model with some soap water beforehand.. right?
But then again I didn't do that for my previous Warjacks and they were fine. I tried scratching the paint, and a lot of pressure is needed to show even a hint of grey...

I was just not feeling comfortable with the result, so I decided to throw the model in some Simple Green for a day or two and then see what happens... I'll give it a nice soap bath and I'll scrub it diligently with an old toothbrush.. and I'll be doing the same with all of my Privateer Press models.

Right now I've got Scrapjack soaking in a soapy solution and will try to prime it for tomorrow.
I have Flat Black Krylon, so hopefully things will be alright.


  1. High heat with low humidity will often end up making the primer not stick completely to the model. Especially if you're out in the sun while priming. Most primers tend to go on slightly pebbly when that's an issue though, so it's hard to be sure. Mold release is of course the other commonly blamed culprit, but that's hard to pin down since it stays on the model fairly rarely.

  2. Yeah, the primer was on the model super smooth-like. Better even than Citadel Chaos Black primer. And although it was sunny and humid (although less than what is the norm here in the American Midwest.. O_o) I did prime in the shade.

    Never had any problems with priming.. Until now.
    I'm super sad.. but I will persevere.

  3. Why is it that you can barely strip eBay models with crappy paint jobs using a wire brush, but on your own models the paint sloughs off in a gentle breeze?

  4. Because our hobby happens to be a hobbyhorse and a strumpet sometimes, Mike. ;D

  5. Interesting ideas… while I do not agree with everything you spoke, I can understand your thought process.


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