Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Came From 4chan: When Life Gives You Pauldrons..

Ah, I've been meaning to post this bad boy for quite a while now. Actually, it has been 3 months! About time I shared with you this little gem from the /tg/ board from 4chan.

This time an Anonymous poster shared a pretty cheeky way of making a mini version of your favorite Adeptus Astartes using your left-over pauldrons! That's right! 10 Space Marine pauldrons, some Green Stuff, round sprues, a bolt pistol and a shortened close combat weapon are all you need to start your very own chapter of midgets in power armor. They could count as Squa   
I had a bunch of leftover pauldrons and other random bits, so I tried to see if there was any possible way to squeeze out a few more marines from the leftover bits. No extra legs or torso backs, so I had to get creative. The solution uses 10 pauldrons. There should be no purity seals or raised iconography, and the piece used for the front visor shouldn't even have the little square at the bottom like most newer ones do. Four of them fuse together to make the torso. The pauldrons that are actually used as pauldrons glue directly to the torso. Chop off the top part of some space marine arms. Save it, we'll come back to that later. Use only bolt pistols as an actual bolter looks a bit strange on these guys. Shorten any power weapons or chainswords. You might have to shave the elbow guards a bit to get it to fit up into the gap underneath the pauldrons and torso. For the legs, use a hand drill (pin vise) and make holes just a little larger than a bit of round sprue. Form four pauldrons together in two groups of two to make the shin guards. Drill a hole in the top just slightly off center for your round sprue to fit into. Take the top (shoulder) part of the arms you cut off and cut a half circle into the front of the shin guards big enough to insert them for feet. When applying the backpack, use some sprue clippers or an exacto knife to carefully carve away the bottom two exhaust pegs. I also used a set of three space marine pouches across the chest to break up the egg shape of the torso a bit. And there you have it. A space marine of the Imperial Knuckles chapter.
Pretty cool, huh? Games Workshop gives us a bunch of extra pauldrons in most Space Marine kits so we might as well use them, right? Getting the extra backpacks, now that's tricky. What do you guys think? Good idea or Greatest idea ever?

I know I've been slacking as of lately, but believe me.. it's actually quite the opposite.


  1. I love it what a cool idea!! Maybe use this for my Dwarf army god knows I have plenty of spare heads...

  2. A member of my old GW (the now deceased Brent Cross) made an army of these with cut down jump packs for an assault squad and 2 cut down dreads. I'd link you but the facebook page is now gone :(


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