Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sisters Pictures, and a hint of things to come

Ask and you will receive.

Here are some pictures of a few things in my SoB army. I'll try and get a group pictures together later.

In the mean time I started working on a 40k skirmish game like Warbands for Warhammer Fantasy. The rules are in their second wave, and Beta testing has just started (I already found things I need to tweak). This will probably be an ongoing work in progress. More testing will go on tomorrow, so I'll let you guys know how it goes. If I am happy enough with it I'll post it up here.


  1. Whoo nice work core it's really looking good!!! the saint looks awesome with the flaming sword and the faces are extreemly well done.

    I'm also very curious about your 40K warband rules sounds like a lot of fun :).

    Nice new blog lay-out as well! seems to remind me of this other cool blog I know : P

    Cheers CJ

  2. Cool looking forward to it should be fun.

    Cheers CJ


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