Monday, March 30, 2009

Blarg! First post, I guess I will try one of these blog things.

This place will be my sounding board for tactics and painting for all sorts of wargames. I am not sure exactly what direction this will take.

If you know of any games that I might like, let me know and I will check them out!

So down to business for the first post. There is a small 1000 point 40k tournament coming up at the end of April, and I need to get ready. My Eldar will not be going, because of the low point setting. Also, I think we will be playing on small 4x4 tables rather than the normal 6x4, so I think the speed advantage of my Eldar would be lessened. Leaving my Jetbikes at home might dissapoint some people, but I will be taking my Sisters of Battle instead. Truth be told, it will be a breath of fresh air to go back to them.

I have done pretty well with my Inquisition list in the past placing 2nd, 1st, and 1st in the last 3 local tournaments (I have yet to play in a GT as I don't have the money to burn on a hotel and 100ish dollar entrance fee). I am probably a bit rusty, though, and this time around I will be in a new shop.

Over the next few weeks I will be testing and tweaking my old list to get it prepared. My only real descision I need to make is the choice between an evicerator for my Seraphim Superior and 5 faith points, or having an extra Retributor (for a total of 7) and 6 faith. I think that in only 1000 points 5 faith should be fine, as I normally have some left over. Having one less Ret worries me in the new edition, as does not having enough anti-tank when they are so much tougher. I normally just ignore most vehicles, as making them shaken is enough for me, but with a completely new crowd who knows what kind of playstyle they have developed.

No matter what I am going to take advantage of something that has for long been out of my reach. Painting score. Yes, for too long has my army been "mostly finished." Sure it looks fine. All my sisters are painted, and my tanks have the prerequisite 3 colors, but they are only halfway done. So I start on the first of my 3 vehicles, rhino #1.
Yep, I plan to have a bunch of freehanding. More to come

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  1. well Nice to so you Joined us! be sure to join the FTW group it's a great way to get some readers to your Blog.

    as for the tournament good luck on making the sister shine should be fun. could you post your total armylist I'm kinda curious what you use. Rhino is looking good allready should make a nice addition to the army!

    Good luck with the Blog I'll be checking it for updates a lot! so get to work

    Cheers CJ


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