Friday, August 3, 2012

The Slaaneshi Whore Lord Strikes Again!

I'm happy to announce that the infamous Slaaneshi Whore Lord (for what else could he be with such a graphic nom de plume?) has decided to leave his permanent mark in the blogosphere and in miniature war-gaming history by starting his very own blog, thus giving birth to...

Now, you might say "Whatever, Skarvald. Yet another 40k-themed blog? Why should I even care?!?"
Well, sure. It's a blog, or a bleeerg like I like to call it, but the Slaaneshi Whore Lord has a few things to say about the hobby and he certainly managed to amaze ME with the few articles he wrote for Wolves for the Wolf God. I'll be honest here and say that he actually had a whole score of things to say and share here, but I was the one who dropped the ball in a period of extreme busy-ness, overwhelmed by my very own hobby glory. 

Here's the thing, though: 6th Edition is already upon us and the new Codex: Chaos Space Marine is juuuuust 'round tha corner. A lot of people are waiting for it to hit the stores, anxious to see what a 6th edition codex will look like, excited to start their very own Chaos warband or two or perhaps continue to bask in the GLORY of their long forgotten, dusty Chaos Space Marine minis.

Gone will be the days of "Counts As" Space Wolves armies, using Chaos miniatures.
Soon, Chaos will beckon.
And the Slaaneshi Whore Lord will be its Herald.  

So make sure to visit his fledgling-of-a-blog now before Chaos claims your body and soul.
 Join him now or suffer the consequences later.
You have been warned.